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Village Pipol Holiday Gift Guide

Village Pipol Holiday Gift Guide

Unlike the previous year, we could have a merrier holiday season this 2021. As the country is currently under Alert Level 2, social events such as parties and reunions can take place provided that the venues have permission. Also, attendees should be fully vaccinated. However, with the threat of another variant, we should still be cautious of our surroundings. 

But that doesn’t need to spoil the annual festivities. The spirit of gift-giving remains to be same — to bring happiness to everyone. To help you decide, we’ve rounded up on this list some amazing gift ideas you can have for yourself or your loved ones.

Air Fryer

Surged to popularity from the last few years, many of us might have air fryers listed on our wishlists. From appetizers to main dishes — even desserts! Many recipes have filled up social media, especially when they became more popular. If you know someone who’s burning pans, then they’re more likely to be delighted to have this.  

Photo courtesy: XTREME Appliances

With that, you might want to consider XTREME’s Air Fryer. For P2995, get yourself techy with its multi-function timer and auto shut-off digital display. This pledges to make quick-and-easy meals that would make everyone do the cooking. 

Rice Cooker

Filipinos love to consume rice that it has become our staple food. Apparently, it can be paired with different dishes — may it be fried, soup, or stew as they complement well to our palette. We even have various recipes to rice itself. But of course, we can’t have that all easy without a rice cooker. This appliance can’t be missed out on the countertop (and raffles, too!).

Photo courtesy: Sharp

Craving for fried rice? Well, Sharp’s Apple Rice Cooker got you covered. With its sleek design, cooking rice has never been easier and fancier! For P1998, make someone’s life more convenient with its one-push button automatic lid.

Coffee Maker

With thousands of coffee shops in the Metro alone, it’s not that hard to pick a drink of your choice. But it’s still different when you make it from scratch. At home, you can have as many cups as you want. 

Photo courtesy: Hanabishi

Why don’t you start brewing your own coffee with Hanabishi’s Coffee Maker? For P875, unleash your inner barista potential! It’s also the perfect gift to those who want to enjoy the chilly holiday season or those who need warmth from the breeze. 

But of course, don’t forget to drink moderately because too much caffeine may be bad for your health.


Remember when we used to receive mugs and frames at Christmas parties? Part of silly memories as we used to be disappointed when we got those. But who would have thought that we will appreciate them even more as we grow older?

Photo courtesy: Fleek

Partner up your coffee maker with Fleek’s Orbit Stirring Mug for just P700. Yes, this is your no ordinary mug as you don’t need a spoon to blend. You also have many colors to choose from: black, white, blue-green, and light blue.

Neck Pillow Massager

After another year-long journey in a pandemic, we all deserve to take a rest and pamper ourselves. It’s good to find some time in order for us to refuel our mind, body, and spirit. With that, leave your works aside and have a rest with Xiaomi’s Mijia LF Neck Pillow Massager. 

Photo courtesy: Xiaomi

Because of the materials used, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear in any part of one’s body.  Rest it on someone’s neck, arms, waist, or legs. For P2271, give this to someone as their travel companion in their next getaway destination.

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Air Purifier

Have your home more safe and comfortable with air purifiers. Especially this pandemic, we need to protect our families from airborne diseases. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other medical experts recommend choosing an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. 

Photo courtesy: Acer

Something that Acer’s acerpure Pro P2 Air Purifier does have. Improves indoor air quality as it eliminates pollutants, germs, and bacteria. For P1099, it would be a thoughtful gift for your family members, friends, and other special someone.

But of course, this is not enough. It should serve as additional protection along with other safety measures such as wearing face masks and regular sanitation.

Portable Speaker

In festive holidays, music boosts up the mood and atmosphere. Also, it has been a tradition for Filipinos to welcome the new year with an uproar to drive away bad luck. Well, speakers will definitely do the trick.

Photo courtesy: realme

Aside from that, the holiday spirit won’t be complete without Christmas carols. With realme’s Portable Bluetooth Speaker for P990, tune in to the songs of Jose Marie Chan, Mariah Carey, and Ariana Grande. After the gatherings, one can bring it anywhere and have a superb sound trip. An ideal gift to those who love to listen to music and travel as it’s durable and handy.

At the end of the day, being happy and remembering the blessings we have are what matter the most. Serving as a reflection for ourselves and why we celebrate these special holiday events.

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