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To My English Teacher, Whom I Will Always Remember

To My English Teacher, Whom I Will Always Remember

I think of my English teacher again now that another school year has started. It is as if tracing back, for the nth time, the memories of my high school days. Back in 2015, I always observed her allotting an equal time in engaging with us, her students. I found her interactions effective for a high school teacher who handles way too many classes.

She established a deep connection, a healthy environment, and a safe space as we went through each lesson. Meet Mrs. Evelyn Nantes, my 9th grade English teacher, and the one who inspired me to pursue writing.

Photo Source: Evelyn Nantes

Even before I entered high school, my interest in writing was already firing from within. However, the desire was never really put into care; hence, the self-doubt and loss of confidence. This continued until the 9th grade, which many of us considered the hardest. Mind you, the process of overcoming it is not easy-peasy. But with someone like Mrs. Evelyn, I am affirmed that the journey I am about to take is beautiful and worthy of being remembered by the people.

Here is how my English teacher inspired the younger me into taking a shot, once more, at my long-held aspiration.

Photo Source: Evelyn Nantes

My English teacher placed her trust in me

Among the many treasured memories I have was how she patiently checked my notebook for a literature activity we had. As I approached and handed her my answers, I was nothing but a young lady consumed by nervousness. Being someone who worries all the time, I am just afraid I might have misunderstood the lessons we discussed.

Much to my surprise, Mrs. Evelyn suddenly wrote an ever-so-famous quote in my notebook: The pen is mightier than the sword. My English teacher, who lowkey smiled at me at that time, has given me the impression of a mother being proud. It is as if telling me that someday I will be able to succeed in writing. I could have just ignored it, but I am glad I did not, as the version of me now chooses to simply thrive.

Photo Source: Josephine Galero

She is always delighted to see me succeed

It is not too often we get to connect and sustain good relationships among our teachers. But I feel so blessed to have it with Mrs. Evelyn. Until now when I am in my last year of college, we never fall short of the simple “Take care!” “Congratulations! and “I am proud of you!” messages.

She would always extend her appreciation of all our life achievements, even though 5 years had already passed since I moved up from junior high. She is still one of the best people who wishes nothing but greatness for my future endeavors. As her former student, I only want to speak of my sincere thankfulness to Mrs. Evelyn Nantes.

Photo Source: Evelyn Nantes

Dear Ma’am, thank you so much for believing in me when I thought I could not. There is a great part of where I am now that takes roots from your words of wisdom. This Teachers’ Month, allow me to share with everyone your long-lasting impact. I may not know yet where this dream would take me, but so long as I carry your teachings with me, I am at ease knowing that it is gonna be a wonderful journey.

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