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Face-to-Face Tips and Advice For This School Year!

Face-to-Face Tips and Advice For This School Year!

To our fellow students there who will soon have face-to-face classes. Can you feel the tension? Because I feel it! As the school year gets closer, so does the presence of face-to-face classes in some schools in the country. The tension becomes evident, especially for incoming high school, senior high school, and college students who feel nervous. Mainly because they will have to accept the face-to-face classes and not in front of the screen.

But, don’t you worry. If you find it difficult to adjust to the face-to-face class again, I have some tips or pieces of advice to share with you.

Make yourself neat and look presentable.

Maintain cleanliness, especially when it comes to yourself during face-to-face classes. Aside from looking your best, you will also feel your best as it helps boost your confidence. If you look clean and tidy, you won’t have trouble socializing with your classmates. Here are a few things you should remember.

  • Wear light makeup. However, if your teacher won’t allow it, you can use lip balm and powder. So they can see that our faces look good and clean.
  • Always bring hygiene products with you. Like, pads, hair brushes, perfume, etc. We can carry a lot more depending on the hygiene we do with ourselves, but as long as we have to maintain our fragrant smell so that it is not embarrassing to those we meet at school.
  • Keep your clothes neat. Of course, our personality can be read in our clothes, so for others not to think badly of us; we should fix our appearance or clothes immediately because this is the first thing they will notice. More presentable can give us more confidence.

Pay attention and participate

Let’s make it a habit to be productive in school. This is one of our keys to keeping up and gaining knowledge in our school. That’s why the main reason that we need to learn is to listen carefully and participate. That way, we can also practice during face-to-face classes. Entering school with the knowledge and going home with another set of knowledge should always be our goal.

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  • Always pay attention because you can miss something important. In the few hours or minutes that you didn’t listen in class, it would feel as if you missed an entire lesson. So, it’s crucial to focus on listening. So you don’t get missed everything.
  • Raise your hand whenever you’re sure you know the answer “confidence is the key.” When you know the answer, your face will immediately raise your hand to say your answer. Because we often encounter people like that in class when you already know the answer, but then you don’t dare to raise your hand, so sometimes someone else answers before you. Confidence is the only thing that will help us here.

Be confident and have fun in school

Good socializing is something that we can all practice during face-to-face classes. Have fun at school and don’t be rude or mean to others. That’s why there will be friends that maybe you can share with you the hardships and joys that you will experience inside the school.

  • Share your moments with people you’re comfortable. Isn’t it happy to feel that you share happy moments in your life? People you can trust, and you will be satisfied with your company.
  • Social interaction improves your learning by enhancing your knowledge of literacy, teaching, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By socializing, we can learn a lot apart from our studies at school. We will build and grow ourselves with each event and the people we meet.

There are other things to remember, of course. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, and bring the necessary items you need for face-to-face classes. Greet your classmate and teacher with respect. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. And, most of all, be yourself.

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