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This ‘Crash Landing On You’ inspired song makes us feel nostalgic

This ‘Crash Landing On You’ inspired song makes us feel nostalgic

The entire world can stop, especially now that we are at a standstill, but not music. As a matter of fact, we need it more than ever as it transports us and makes us escape from the realities of the world. Breakthrough LA-based singer and songwriter, BEY, hopes to do just that as she releases her debut song “Crash Landing” from Universal Records Philippines. Inspired by K-drama hit series Crash Landing On You (CLOY), the song is about hoping for one’s own Captain Ri – the person that you’ve always dreamed of, someone who will be there to stand by your side despite all the obstacles.

Photo Credits to Universal Records

Hoping for a phenomenal 2021, she starts the Chinese New Year with a bang with this nostalgic rendition. As a K-drama avid fan nation, fans can easily fall in love with this new song. While “Crash Landing” talks about fantasy, it also speaks of reality about relationships – the excitement and uncertainty that comes with weathering life together. Bey believes nothing’s perfect. There are challenges that come about and there will always be hurdles along the way. It’s great to show how life really works according to her. But with the right person by your side, things will be much bearable.

Who is Bey?

Tagged as one of the most promising artists of 2021, Bey aims to make her mark in the hearts of many Filipinos. Queen Beyonce’ is one of her musical influences as she grew up admiring her. She’s been doing bits and pieces of her songs and music has been a great part of her life. As per her, she gets easily inspired by poems and even songs and her process is to write it down. Life itself, her thoughts, and feelings inspire her the most in creating music. Soon, she will be releasing a song in Filipino after this Korean-English fusion. A star in the making, she wants to motivate others with her songs, for everyone to relate to them.

Bey Universal
Photo Credit to IG/itsbeymusic

An album and EP in the works under Universal records, she dreams of collaborating with other musicians too. Japan-based Music Producer Foxyblunt has already shown interest. Great things are in store for this young artist and we can’t wait for what she can offer. With her stunning looks and with such a catchy song such as Crash landing, she can be a rapidly rising star that we will surely follow. Stream “Crash Landing” now on SpotifyApple MusicYoutube, Amazon Music, Deezer, and all digital stores worldwide under Universal Records.

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