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The Community Pantry Finder is now available via Google Play Store!

The Community Pantry Finder is now available via Google Play Store!

Looking for a community pantry? Jamoralin has now created an app for that.

Community Pantry App
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Hundreds of makeshift community pantries have popped up across the country hoping to respond to their plight. This is as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to starve millions of Filipinos.

Countless citizens from the most vulnerable sector have flocked to these Bayanihan sites. They hope to receive whatever aid they could grab. The threat of new coronavirus continues to rage on and the daily caseloads—increasing to thousands. Henceforth, software developer Karl Jamoralin and his wife Carms Fernandez-Jamoralin wanted to help make the movement safer for everyone.

In just a single afternoon, Jamoralin created a digital map that can help both good samaritans and those in need find the nearest community pantry from their location.

Karl explained,

I just like to help in my own little way. Seeing community pantries pop up last week, I thought maybe an app might help people who are looking for community pantries to either send or receive supplies to locate them.

Carms added,

Over the weekend, Karl and I were thinking of ways to help the Community Pantry PH without having to leave home. My amazing husband came up with this equally amazing app. If you are thinking of donating and/or volunteering, this is for you.

Aside from the address, users will also be able to see the contact details, available supplies, requested in-kind donations, as well as donor portals for those who wish to extend monetary aid. As of the moment, there are 816 pantries from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, registered on the app. According to Jamoralin, he gathered the data from the crowdsourcing initiative Saan Yan Ph.

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Karl stated,

They are the ones who accept and organize the data. I asked permission from them to access their API so that we can display the pantries in the mobile app.

He added the locator will be updated regularly.

The Community Pantry Finder app may be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

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