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The Act of Giving and Receiving

The Act of Giving and Receiving

The world is in a constant state of circulation. Just think of how we breathe, the cycle of the water, the planet itself revolving around the sun, and even our life goes merry-go-round.

That is also how giving and receiving work. To give, there must be a receiver; and to receive, there must be a giver. 

We were taught that “it’s better to give than to receive” and it means that we will get more blessings and joy from giving than from receiving to the point where accepting anything from anyone makes some of us feel almost guilty.

However, it’s impossible for human beings to only practice the art of giving. It’s a cycle; there will always be a receiver when people give.

So, let’s see an equal look at the importance of both giving and receiving.

Importance of Giving

Giving helps others

Not only those who are blessed with the means to live a reasonably comfortable life have the ability to give. Everyone can give. 

There are many ways to give, and if you’re fortunate enough to give a tangible one, you’re helping the receiver physically and mentally; it adds up to their lives. 

While giving doesn’t always cost money, we can always give people kindness, compliments, and appreciation. It helps people make their day, boost their confidence, and feel good about themselves.

Giving inspires giving

Although we give without expecting in return, people on the receiving end may have to think of giving back even when they have hardly anything to give. 

They may reciprocate it to you or give it back to others. But one thing is for sure, they already know the satisfaction and happiness of receiving — and they want others to feel it too.

Giving cultivates self-worth

If our intentions of giving are pure, we feel good and happy. 

Seeing the gratitude and smiles on the faces of people at receiving end makes the act of giving rewarding.

Making ourselves feel good may be a selfish reason for giving, but your kindness’ effects on others are something to be proud of and feel good about.

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Importance of Receiving

Receiving makes people think they have to offer

As mentioned, not only those who are blessed with the means to live a reasonably comfortable life can give. We can always give kindness, compliments, and appreciation.

When accepting their compliments and kindness by saying “thank you” to them, we make the givers aware of their capabilities of giving.  Sometimes, it is only in the eyes of the receivers that givers discover their gifts.

Receiving offers a chance for others to give

Sometimes, refusing to receive makes the giver feel bad about themselves.

That’s why allowing ourselves to be an open receiver humbles us. It’s truly an act of love because it gives others the chance to give. 

Receiving cultivates self-worth

Having received something from someone makes us feel important and loved. When we openly accept a gift, we give pleasure to ourselves.

It fuels the relationship of both ends and will result in a stronger bond and coexistence.

In conclusion, maintaining the cycle of giving and receiving makes the world a more humane place to live in!

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