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SKJN Holy 3Nity: “Beauty in 3”

SKJN Holy 3Nity: “Beauty in 3”

What’s best to start your morning routine than a beauty product that will help you achieve youthful-looking skin. Introducing SKJN Holy 3Nity: Collagen Microtablets 120s + INSTAFIZZ Effervescent + Instaglow Aqua Gel. Complete your beauty needs with these products that will surely not disappoint.

Never worry, because this product uses natural products and is FDA approved. It does not only beautify but also maintains your health. Know them better and see that you don’t settle for less especially if it concerns your health and beauty.

SKJN Microtablets

Elevate your morning routine and achieve radiant skin with this Microtablets. Made with Japanese Marine Collagen and other skin brightening and anti-inflammatory ingredients, that helps keep your skin young-looking and healthy from within. It has the most compact technology–the most advanced and highest amount of collagen content compacted in a single microtablet.

SKJN Instafizz

Feel the fizz and get energized when you drink the ever-refreshing Instafizz! This fun drink also contains Vitamin C and Alpa Lipoic Acid that makes you look young and glowing, while keeping your immune system healthy. Adding a little extra vitamin C to your diet, without adding any calories or sugars.

It has no artificial colors or flavors, and it tastes delicious too so you can feel good about drinking it all day long. Stay looking young and glowing while keeping your immune system healthy with zero calories! It’s got all the goodness of collagen and vitamin C with a bit sweet even it it’s SUGAR-FREE.

SKJN Instaglow Aquagel

Say hello to youthful glowing skin when you use this Instaglow Aquagel. Formulated and manufactured in Japan, the Instaglow Aquagel helps remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture–bringing out healthy, younger, and glowing skin. Formulated and manufactured in Japan to give men and women healthy, younger, glowing skin.

It is skin brightening, smoothing and minimizes the appearance of pores. It also improves collagen synthesis and improves skin hydration for a better looking skin. Effectively helps in removing dead skin cells allowing the formation of new skin that reflects its true beauty.

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Beauty doesn’t always have to be a splurge. Get that lit-from-within glow when you shop for these Collagen Microtablets at their official store on Shopee!

On October 2, and 8-10, shoppers are in for a treat as Shopee offers SKJN products at lesser prices for up to 20% off. 

Don’t miss also their flash deal sales of their selected SKJN products at Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival: (a) Instaglow Aqua Gel, (b) Collagen Microtablets 120s Duma Bottle BUNDLE OF 2, (c) Collagen Microtablets 120s Duma Bottle, (d) INSTAFIZZ EFFERVECENT

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