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Seven types of rest and why do we need each one of them?

Seven types of rest and why do we need each one of them?

Do you ever feel so tired even you had long hours of sleep? Well, you’re not alone. You should know that sleep and rest are not the same. Sleep is not the answer if you’re lacking energy.

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In reality, our bodies need other types of rest which we often neglect. Why? We’re living in a society that demands us to be productive, always on the grind. No wonder we feel burn-out most of the time.

So now is the perfect time to learn the kinds of rest, and the importance of each.


This is the most obvious of the bunch and it can be passive or active. Passive physical rest means periods of sleep and naps while active physical rest includes restorative activities like yoga and stretching. You can also consider massage therapy in this category since it improves one’s circulation and flexibility.

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The second one is mental rest but what does this mean? There are times we are forgetful or having difficulties concentrating on our tasks. At night, we try to turn off our brain but the conversation from earlier keep on coming back. Because of that, we experience mental rest deficits.

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So how to solve this? Try scheduling short breaks like every two hours throughout your working period. These breaks can remind you to take things slow. Aside from that, you can keep a notepad on your nightstand. Write down any persistent thoughts that are boggling you, like having a journal or a diary.


The next type of rest involves all of our senses. It can be overwhelming if you are always surrounded by bright lights, computer screens, background conversation, and others. You can fix this by simply closing your eyes for a minute. Also, give yourself some time away from your laptop, phones, or any devices. This will do you good in the long run and you’ll feel much better.

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Creative rest is the fourth type and this is quite important for anyone who always solves problems or comes up with fresh ideas. To have this kind of rest, you must reawaken the awe and wonder inside you.

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Allow yourself to absorb the beauty of nature, even by just a stroll at a local park or a quick getaway to the beach. You can also enjoy some art pieces by going to local museums. If not possible, you can transform your workplace into something inspiring. How to do this? Display photos or visuals of places and things you love. It’s hard to come up with innovative ideas when you are staring at a blank wall.


Saying yes to everyone and everything can drain you. You can be a nice and dependable person, someone that people can always rely on if they needed a favor. But when you’re all alone, you feel unappreciated and being taken advantage of.

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You need an emotional rest, a time and space to express your feelings. Stop people-pleasing demeanor and be more authentic. When you do have enough emotional rest, you can honestly answer questions like “How are you today?” with “I’m not okay.” After that, you can share the things which bother you the most.


Someone who lacks emotional rest might probably need social rest as well. There are times when we fail to spot the difference between those relationships that revive us from those relationships that exhaust us. The thing is, you need to surround yourself with a positive and supportive crowd. It does not matter if it’s face-to-face or online.


The last type of rest is spiritual rest, which is the ability to connect beyond the physical and mental aspects. To achieve this, a person must feel a deep sense of belonging, love, acceptance, and purpose. In order to have this kind of rest, engage in something greater than yourself. You can include prayers, meditation, community involvement in your day-to-day.

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It is now quite clear that loading up on caffeine or sleeping away your weekend is not the healthy way to have a holistic rest. It’s high time that we focus on getting the right type of rest we need.

Do you guys agree?

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