Sawsawan ni Juan Sukang Paombong is tastiest sawsawan you will ever need

Sawsawan ni Juan Sukang Paombong started its operation in the early 2007 in Gumitna, Paombong Bulacan by Pedro G. Cruz. In fact, he is popularly known as “Don Pedro Juan” in his hometown.

Pedro is a fishpond operator in an area surrounded by Nipa palm. All the products are made from Nipa palm.

For every meal, he has his Sawsawang Sukang Paombong with Spices or Sukang Paombong with Patis.

Inspired by his favorite sawsawan and entrepreneurial inclination, he finally decided to create his own recipe of Sukang Paombong made with Nipa Palm Vinegar.

They have been producing Sukang Paombong since 2017 but together with his daughter Zaira and Vincent Mateo, they conceptualized and created the brand “Sawsawan ni Juan” Sukang Paombong in 2019 with the objective of distributing it nationwide.


Sawsawan ni Juan Sukang Paombong is a traditional nipa palm vinegar locally made in Paombong, Bulacan, the Suka Capital of the Philippines.

Nipa palm sap contain 15% to 20% organic sugar which gives the vinegar a hint of sweetness compared to other types of vinegar in the country.

It is naturally slightly salty as the flavor of the sap is influenced by the nipa’s habitat. Truly a deliciously addicting combination of sweet and salty flavors to a well-loved Pinoy ingredient, the vinegar.



Of course, making the tradition vinegar is a long process that starts off with tapping the stalk of the nipa fruit bunch. 5 to 7 year old nipa palm tress may be kicked, it stalks bent and its fruit bunch chopped to simulate sap production.

Moreover, the sap collected will be stored in “Tapayan” or jar containers for a fermentation. In 2 to 3 weeks, the liquid undergoes filtration before the bottling process.




The end results is a vinegar we now know as Sawsawan ni Juan.

Spiced with garlic, pepper and chilies, Sawsawan ni Juan becomes the only tastiest sawsawan you will ever need. It is a kitchen staple for anyone who loves to cook and eat flavorful Filipino dishes.

Spicy Vinegar (Pure Sukang Sasa, Chilies, Pepper and Garlic) Good for dips, sauces, inihaw and others.

️ Original (Pure Sukang Sasa) Good for cooking, salad, inihaw, marinades, sauces and others.


As of March 3, 2020 it is now a duly registered business at the Department of Trade and Industry under Mateo’s Food Product Manufacturing. It is business as usual for the trio and their Sukang Paombong is now in the following distribution channels:

  • National Kidney and Transplant Institute Kitap Gift Shop
  • Batang Malolos Pasalubong Center
  • High Achievers Tutorial and Review Center
  • Cavite Gift shops
  • Resellers (Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Manila, Quezon City, Marikina and Las Pinas).
  • Lazada Online shop

For inquiry call them at 0933.861.0919 or email at sawsawannijuan@gmail.com. Follow them at Facebook and Instagram.

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