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Rose from ’90 Day Fiance’ is the newest vlogger we all need to watch

Rose from ’90 Day Fiance’ is the newest vlogger we all need to watch

It’s official! Rosemarie Vega, better known as Rose from ’90 Day Fiance,’ starts her own YouTube channel to connect with her supporters. In the past weeks, video clips from ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days,’ went viral, featuring a lot of dramas in her relationship with Ed Brown. Their story has been followed by fans across the globe — most of them are expressing their admiration to Rose’s bravery and sincerity.

Prior to this, Rose posted a empowering Instagram post. “I might be poor but I am raised to always tell the truth and be respectful of others!” reads a quote on her promotional poster. “But I also know when enough is enough.”

“Watch me as I speak the truth soon!” she added.

For her first vlog, Rose did a “Get to know me” video to connect with her fans.

In the video, Rose talked about the light of her life, her four-year-old son named Prince. She also gave a shout out to all the single moms like her who are working hard to support their children’s needs.

“For me, the definition of a strong mother is no matter what happens, whatever trials that God will give to you, you will face it wholeheartedly, smiling, and know to yourself that you will fulfill it because you have your children that [are] relying [on] you,” she said. “Let’s always be positive and always be happy.”

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to her YouTube channel!

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