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Did you know that you can rent an island in Coron, Palawan?


Did you know that you can rent an island in Coron, Palawan?

In case you didn’t know, the COVID-19 restrictions that the government has placed on the Philippines have started to loosen up. Although traveling has become easier, we should still continue taking precautions wherever we go. The assurance of protecting one’s self from the virus made me feel interested in this particular island in Coron, Palawan.

Did you know that you can rent an island in Coron, Palawan?

I found out about this through full-time international travelers Kara and Nate. They filmed an entire series about traveling around the Philippines and finding a hidden gem in Coron, Palawan. At first, the two were invited by the Department of Tourism to explore the provinces of Samar and Leyte. They even camped on an island with a wooden teepee that faced the ocean.

After their little excursion with the DOT, they went on their own to sleep a night in an incredible off-the-grid houseboat in Coron. Then, rented the Rock Island Eres Bella where their hose confirmed that Kara and Nate were the only ones on that island at the time. Let’s just say that it really piqued my interest and looked for the Airbnb posting that they mentioned.

Rock Island Eres Bella in Coron, Palawan

According to the listing, the place is a private island. This remains a perfect place for any visitor to appreciate the wonders of the world so that they could experience the magnificence as they live on one of the best islands in Coron, Palawan. Although unexpected island hoppers will arrive during their stay, they remain minimal.

“As I was looking for a place to stay in Coron, I came across a listing that looked a little too good to be true. A private island that can be rented for less than $200 a night. We, honestly, have no clue what we could expect. We’ve had minimal communication from the hosts outside of arranging our transportation… This could be one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ situations or it could be a hidden gem.”

Kara and Nate visit the Rock Island Eres Bella

Nate even said during the video:

“Either way, we are about to find out. We have just jumped on a van that is going to take us on a bumpy one-hour ride across the island. That’s where we’ll get to the port. And, we’ll jump on a boat that will, ultimately, take us to the island.”

Before they completely jumped on the boat, on the other hand, they made a quick stop at a local market to buy whatever they would need during their stay on the island – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Then, the boat took them for a thirty-minute ride to their home for the night. Kara and Nate’s shots of the island looked especially pleasing.

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The space looks like a typical Filipino bungalow with air-conditioned bedrooms that can accommodate three persons per room. It has a kitchen and a dining area, facing the sea. In their video, Kara explained that two houses exist on the island – one for the visitors and another one where the caretakers live.

Kara excitedly squealed and held her husband’s hand as she describes, “It seems too good to be true.”

Unfortunately, their celebratory dinner was slightly overshadowed by the news of COVID-19 being confirmed as a global pandemic. They left earlier the next day to go to Singapore where they quarantined themselves during the time of the video’s publishing on April 22, 2020. Thankfully, they enjoyed their time during the entire stay.

You can watch Kara and Nate’s video of renting an entire island in the Philippines here:

Screenshots are all from Kara and Nate’s YouTube video.

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