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Perseid meteor shower at its peak on August 12 to 13

Perseid meteor shower at its peak on August 12 to 13

It’s the month of August, which means the annual Perseid meteor shower is active, and will be until August 24. According to PAGASA, the meteor shower will peak during the wee hours of August 12 to 13 with at least 50 or more meteors being observed.

Based on an article on CNET, the Perseids are one of the best, brightest batches of shooting stars, and it sure feels like we could use them now more than ever to add a little wonder and distraction into these pretty dismal times we’re living through. This famous shower light up the night sky when Earth runs into pieces of cosmic debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. The dirty snowball is 17 miles wide and takes about 133 years to orbit the sun. Its last go-round was in 1992.

A meteor visible during a Perseid meteor shower in Spruce Knob, W.Va.
Credit…Bill Ingalls/NASA

However, the weather bureau said the waxing gibbous moon may interfere with the observations of fainter meteors.

“Meteors are easiest to observe if there is no moonlight, light pollution, and a clear sky,” PAGASA said.

The Perseid meteor shower radiates out from the constellation Perseus, which is located on the eastern horizon during August.

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