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OPINION: The Most Romantic Movie Couples That Make My Heart Flutter

OPINION: The Most Romantic Movie Couples That Make My Heart Flutter

From spine-tingling kisses to unforgettable romantic gestures, this list features the most romantic movie couples captured on film. Although movie scripts may come and go, these characters and their epic love stories forever cemented themselves in our hearts. Despite the inevitable tears and the wishes of “sana all,” we will never get tired of seeing these people confess their love for each other.

OPINION: Most Romantic Movie Couples That Make My Heart Flutter

No toxic movie couples are allowed.

Just letting you know, I wouldn’t be putting Romeo and Juliet on this list. Sure, a list like this wouldn’t be complete without them. The chemistry between the two is instantaneous. With rivaling families, their romance becomes an ill-fated story that ends too quickly. And, to be honest, I didn’t like Romeo and Juliet. They naively believe that their love would conquer all, sacrificing their whole life for the other person. Of course, that sounds romantic but if they just waited for one single second, they’d realize that the other is still alive. Then, their young lives filled with possibilities and opportunities wouldn’t be wasted just because they fell in love. It’s… ugh. 


If you expected me to put Noah and Allie from The Notebook in this list, don’t hold your breath. They remain one of the most toxic romantic movie couples in movie history. Although an amazing movie, it just showcased how horrible Noah truly is. He was a stalker who liked the way a girl looked on a carnival ride. Then, he spends the rest of his life pining over her despite not appreciating anything else about her. He basically blackmailed Allie into going on a date with him! She politely declines his advances and he follows her onto a Ferris wheel, dangling from the ride with one hand.

He even threatened to slip unless she goes on a date with him, forcing her to say yes. Noah never got over their summer fling and even slept with her even though she was already taken. Noah-less, Allie volunteered as a nurse’s aide and meets Lon who asked her to go out without being threatened to do so. They had a relationship filled with mutual respect, admiration, and fondness for one another. With Noah, they rarely agreed on anything. This made Allie confuse security with boredom and a scream-fest with passion.


Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters

The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

Both of these teens combat cancer but have very different views on the world. Gus remains an eternal optimist who lives every day as if it’s his last. Hazel, on the other hand, resists forming meaningful relationships knowing that her days are likely numbered. Gus’ charm and good cheer inevitably rub off on Hazel, bringing her out of her shell. He helped her see that her time on Earth doesn’t need to be defined by her illness. Likewise, cancer didn’t define their relationship with each other. They find that they share a great deal in common, particularly in the literature department. It’s only fitting that their relationship ends with a letter, leaving the star-crossed lovers on an inspiring and devastating note. 

The Fault In Our Stars

Ennis Del Mark and Jack Twist

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

This movie wasn’t the first one to center on an LGBTQ+ relationship. But, its importance cannot be overstated. The film opened the door for more same-sex love stories in cinema. It also opened the audience to accept real-life same-sex relationships. This largely has to do with the authentic chemistry between actors Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Being set in the 1960s, the characters remain clueless on how to address their feelings after they fall in love. Although they reunite in the place their love first blossomed, the movie emphasizes that Jack and Ennis will never have a life together. As beautiful as their love story is, it’s also a tragic portrait of what could have been. 

Brokeback Mountain

Carol Aird and Therese Belivet

Carol (2015)

The beauty in this love story lies in its understated nature. Taking place in the 1950s, Carol and Therese couldn’t express their love in public especially since the titular character remains in an ongoing fight to keep custody of her daughter. The film requires its audience to read between the lines. A simple gesture can say a thousand words. For example, when Carol leaves her gloves on the shop counter where Therese was working. It could either be an accident or an invitation to see each other later. Actresses Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara give off such emotions with simplistic body language. With just one touch, they can express their love for each other. When they finally come together for a night filled with passionate bliss, it couldn’t more satisfying. 


Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan

A Walk To Remember (2002)

The best way to sum up Landon’s relationship with Jamie is to compare them with a comet. It may soar by only once, never to be seen again. Although you wished that the moment could last a little longer, it will stick with you forever nonetheless. A classic bad boy meets good girl love story, Landon is initially only concerned with his image while Jamie couldn’t care less about what people think about her. When he turns to her for help, an unexpected friendship develops into an even more unexpected romance. The most unexpected revelation of all is that Jamie is dying from leukemia, shattering the future that Landon thought they might have together. Jamie dies happy while Landon lives to become a better person because of their love. 

A Walk To Remember

Jesse and Celine

Before trilogy

They share the most unique romances in film. They first meet briefly in Before Sunrise, reunite almost a decade later in Before Sunset, and deal with married life in Before Midnight. The fact that their relationship is spread through three movies isn’t what makes them so special. Actors Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have chemistry that remained so natural, perfectly depicting the highs and lows of an ongoing relationship. They both contributed to the screenplays for both sequels, making their rapport even more believable. 

Before Sunrise

Morticia and Gomez Addams

The Addams Family franchise

They might not be the first movie couple that first pops into your head when you think of romance. But, this romantic movie couple expresses their love in the most unconventional way that only two of them would understand. They would die for each other, kill for each other, and there is no denying that these two adore one another. We’re reminded of their affection every time they appear onscreen together. Their passion blazes with such intensity that it could literally lead a fire in its trail. It’s honestly hard to think of another more compatible couple. People could learn a lot from these ghoulish lovers, namely to remind your significant other much you cherish them – with a rose or a bewitching glance. 

The Addams Family

Rachel Chu and Nick Young 

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

They feel like a real-life couple that everybody knows but a trip to Singapore adds a whole lot of complication in their lives when Rachel finds out that Nick’s family is crazy rich… and pretty picky. It’s a romantic-comedy movie done right with grand romantic gestures, sweeping locations, and even a closet montage. Plus, it feels fresh with the fact that the central couple unconditionally loves and respects each other. Just when it seems that love means going their separate ways, this modern fairytale gets its happy ending. 

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Crazy Rich Asians

Johnny Castle and Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Here are two lovers we wouldn’t dare to put in a corner. The movie tells the story of Baby and Johnny, two people from different classes that are unified with their love of dance. Being a movie that largely circulates around dance, it’s fitting that the chemistry primarily shines through music and choreography. As a matter of fact, Johnny and Baby’s relationship could be perfectly summed up during the exhilarating final number. 

Dirty Dancing

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The novel remains Jane Austen’s most timeless love story and the 2005 movie adaptation has etched itself to be the most definitive version for many. This can come primarily because of the chemistry between Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen who flawlessly captured the romantic movie couple’s entire essence. She plays Elizabeth with a lively spirit that cannot be anchored down. Meanwhile, he portrays Mr. Darcy with a restrained decorum that can come off as cold but with an affectionate person underneath. The two can be equally stubborn which becomes part of the reason they don’t come together soon. However, when they do declare their mutual love, it’s one of the most heartfelt proposals ever put to screen. 

Pride and Prejudice

Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater

Titanic (1997)

Titanic hearkens back to the glory days when Hollywood epics were big, thrilling, and complete with a captivating love story. The film takes its time to build up the romance between the penniless Jack and upper-class Rose which pays off in a pretty spectacular way. There are too many great scenes to count – from their first kiss at the ship’s bow, to the nude drawing session. The little romantic moments made us care for their characters, especially when their lives fall in peril during the film’s second half. Although the unsinkable ship goes down, we will never let go of Jack and Rose. 


Which couple do you think best describes romance? Let us know what you think. 

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