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New Jeans, the current generation’s Monster Rookies

New Jeans, the current generation’s Monster Rookies

From fun, quirky, and upbeat tracks to unique, groovy, and nostalgic music- New Jeans definitely caught our Attention with their homely and distinctive melody. The emerging group’s refreshing vibes and Y2K fashion made them stand out among all KPOP artists. As New Jeans continue to conquer the KPOP industry, here are the details you might want to know about the group!

Introducing New Jeans

New Jeans is a South Korean five-member girl group from ADOR. The members Haerin, Hanni, Minji, Danielle, and Hyein are the voices behind the hit songs, Attention, OMG, Hype Boy, Cookie, Ditto, and Hurt. Unlike other KPOP groups, New Jeans doesn’t have a leader or official positions! Danielle said that every member is a leader in their own way, and there are also no official positions because everyone can sing, dance, and rap!

The story behind New Jeans’ unique group name

When New Jeans was introduced to the public in 2022, a lot of netizens were in awe of their name. Who names a kpop group after a classic clothing piece? The CEO and head producer of ADOR, Min Hee Jin shared the brilliant reason behind the quirky name. It turns out that the group’s name is a wordplay for “New Genes”, which can be interpreted as the group’s goal- to be something new and fresh for the KPOP industry! She also added that jeans are a staple and a necessity for everyone’s wardrobe. New Jeans also aims to be a group that will represent the new and current KPOP generation.

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Being a new and less than a year-old KPOP group did not hinder New Jeans’ from making its impactful way towards the industry. With their fresh music tunes and catchy dance moves, they immediately caught the attention of all over the world. Their songs became a massive hit on social media, which is also the reason for the group’s continuous success. Aside from the music industry, New Jeans is also highly distinctive for its unique Y2K vibes. The members have also become an ambassador for different luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, and Armani Beauty. Recently, New Jeans also collaborated with Coca-Cola, and released a promotional song entitled Zero.

With their phenomenal success, we can’t wait to see what they have stored and prepared for us in the future!

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