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My thoughts while watching the sunset

My thoughts while watching the sunset

Sunset, or sundown which we see at night time do have a lot of deep meanings to discover. To some, they may have different interpretations of sunset which may not be the same as how I see it every day. Because of its dark colors, some may relate it to melancholia or extreme sadness, but to me, it’s not.

Sunset is where I find genuine peace and solace. After a long tiring day, sunset has been a source of remedy and medicine for me. Consuming even just for a minute looking at it feels like a day without any problems to worry about.

Sunset has taught me a lot of life lessons as I grow and ponder around.

Change is inevitable. We live in a very fast-facing world, everything is not under our control. Each day shows a different sunset, and just like that it tells us that change is always a part of our life. We can never depict what could happen today, tomorrow, or in the following days to come.

In everything that you do, always be grateful. Sunset teaches us to always be thankful and satisfied with life. It reminds us to always give ourselves a break when we need toSunset gives us a reminder to never be harsh to ourselves.

Find hope and light in everything that you do. At times of hopelessness, sunset taught me how to see the brighter side of everything. It taught me how to optimistically handle things which will be beneficial both for my growth and development as a woman.

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

Appreciate little things. At an early age, I really learned how to appreciate the simplest things. Thus, it made me realize that life is a process — it keeps moving. Appreciating even the little things help you grow as a better person.

Live in the moment, you only live once. This may sound so cliché, but we only live once so never forget to enjoy every moment we live. As I live, I have learned to accept the fact that whatever’s done is done.

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Endings are the best beginnings. Sunsets give us a new perspective to consider endings as new beginnings. The end of something is surely a start and an opportunity for a better beginning. I also learned to never consider an ending a failure, but instead a stepping stone for self-development.

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater


Watching the sundown together with your friends, family or your boyfriend or girlfriend is so therapeutic. Witnessing God’s creation right in front of your eyes with your loved one beside you is really one of a kind. If you’re that person who loves watching the sunset, then you’re an ‘opacarophile.’

There are few who are fond of taking photos of sunsets as their collection. Some also found it very Instagram-worthy and worth the stop-bys if you’re in the middle of the road.

Sunset is very unique in its own way. It gives us a message we will surely live in this world as we grow. Get out and never miss every sunset!

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