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My life as an online seller and a student at the same time

My life as an online seller and a student at the same time

Being a student is a hard thing to do but do you ever ask yourself how was it being an online seller? In today’s generation where almost every one of us, whether young or old is a user of technology, it is awakening how humans get what they want in just one swipe and one click. In fact, as technology starts to evolve, people become more reliant to it on buying their own needs and wants.

My life as an online seller and a student at the same time

Online shopping, that is what we call it. It is a form of e-commerce that gives consumers the right to scan and buy goods through the internet by just using an application or a website. This innovation made it easy for both buyers and online sellers to buy and sell anything without going out of their homes.

It may sound like a great idea, but at some point, it is frustrating especially for a student still pursuing his/her studies. Online selling during these times may introduce you to another world. A world of confidence, a world with money yet, also a tiring world. The following paragraphs will give you a glimpse of how it is to be an online seller and a student at the same time.

1. You get to meet new friends

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Since you are using the Internet as a medium to sell things, it isn’t shocking that you’ll have a lot of friends. They may be your buyer, your suppliers, your co-online sellers, your silent supporters, and even your enemies. In these instances, your socializing skills can be improved not only because you sell things but because you talk and interact with people both thru the screens of your phones and in person. All in all, you get also to meet here your confident self which is a good thing that you can bring inside your school.

2. You get to have money for yourself

While a typical teenager still asks for an allowance from their parents, students who have their own “rakets” doesn’t have to do that. In this world full of fashionistas, the statistics of teenagers buying different OOTDs from the internet have been rising. This just entails that the more consumers spend money to buy stuff they like, the higher the profit these online sellers can get.

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With this kind of conclusion, students who find selling as a part-time job can collect much more money as their allowance compared to those who just stay at home. Sound encouraging right? But, we can’t also deny the fact that this whole thing of selling is tiring.

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3. You’ll get tired before, during, and after selling

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As we can observe, online selling isn’t an easy job even though it is done thru the Internet. You need a lot of determination and patience when you start it since it requires a lot of work. It may start from finding the best things to sell, from washing it, ironing it, taking pictures of it to post it, and packing it. But, it doesn’t end there since some buyers demand meet-ups. It’s so tiring, I can say and with all these merry go around feeling while selling, you still have to perform as a student, so multitasking here is a must.

Now the question is, “Do you still see being an online seller as a stepping stone to improving yourself and getting money?” Well, regardless of what your answer is, bear in mind that “In every hardship and sacrifice we do, there is always a fruit of success waiting for us”

Being one of these hardworking online sellers is a thing we should be proud of. To be honest, we just need to “trust the process” and let our destiny bring us to a happy life.

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