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METAVERSE is Here, Learn More About the Future of Facebook

METAVERSE is Here, Learn More About the Future of Facebook

On Thursday, at the company’s annual Connect Conference, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, announced that the company was changing its brand into Meta and updated its logo to an infinity loop that resembles the letter M. The reason for rebranding the company is because it wants to create a platform that reflects the company’s growing ambition. Facebook, now known as Meta, aims to create a virtual environment to help people get closer together, let’s take a closer look at the Metaverse.

Communication has become more accessible in today’s world; with just a click, you can call or chat with a loved one. No matter how far apart, you’ll be able to feel the presence in a shared sense of space.


Meta or Metaverse is a futuristic way of connecting people. It also facilitates virtual reality or a 3D virtual world which would allow people to connect in an artificial space or world, helping create the next evolution of social technology. Meta attempts to make a digital platform that will make virtual and mixed reality technologies, to effectuate an immersive online experience.

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Moreover, in Metaverse, you will feel that you are there with other people. You will feel the presence when socializing with others. All the subtle ways we communicate with each other that our current technology can’t deliver, like facial expressions and body language, can easily be translated into Metaverse.

How Does METAVERSE Work?

  • You can use avatars or a 3D representation of yourself, which you can easily customize to represent yourself better.
  • A home space you can design the way you want, where you can also store your digital goods like NFTs.
  • Rooms or spaces around the Metaverse where you can teleport anytime you want.
  • You will also be able to bring things from the physical world to the Metaverse.
  • You can also bring your items to the physical world as holograms using VR.
  • There will be new ways of interacting with people, and you’ll be able to make quick gestures easily.

Since Meta hasn’t been fully developed yet, it will take some time to achieve the best possible platform Zuckerberg is envisioning. For now, we can only wait and see how far this promising new technology will go, and by creating new possibilities for expressing ourselves, we can connect much better in a more natural way in a virtual world.

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