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Master the illusion and enjoy looking taller in photos

Master the illusion and enjoy looking taller in photos

Who doesn’t want to look taller?  As a petite woman, I have no choice but to master the art and secrets of looking taller. From 4’11 height to 5’4 in an instant. My virtual friends are even amazed by how I do it. 

Master the illusion and enjoy the perks of looking taller using these life-saving tips:

Neutrals and the-one-color- rule.

You will unavoidably appear taller if you wear just one color from head to toe. It’s a simple matter. If you’re dressed in one hue, then you will create an illusion to appear taller because you won’t be dividing your body by wearing two different colors. A jumpsuit is an ideal example of this. 

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Wear a crop top.

Basically, you will look good and tall if you wear a crop top with your high-waisted trousers and denim shorts. Expose and show off a modest bit of skin. 

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Embrace the high waist.

I love high-waist! When you are a petite size like me, then a high-waist will be your forever best friend for life. Wearing high waists clothing is my go-to outfit. From high-waist denim pants, shorts, and trousers! The midsection of your body will appear to be considerably longer than it actually is thanks to this technique.

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Get a cute mini bag.

You don’t wanna be teased by your friends and call you one of the ninja turtles. Because of your cute size, carrying a big bag will make you look even smaller. And it is ugly seeing a petite carrying luggage that is bigger than them. So invest in a small bag but don’t forget your essentials! After all, they are more important than everything else. 

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Show off a little skin.

You might give the impression that you are taller by showing a little of your arms. For an instance, sleeveless accentuates your arms, which will help emphasize this illusion even more. But we don’t encourage nudity here so only expose a proper amount of skin.

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Wear nude shoes.

Wearing nude shoes is remarkably chic and stylish. The neutral color of nude shoes creates an illusion of making the legs appear taller. With the proper style, you will look taller in an instant as they quite indubitably elongate the legs. So wear your nude shoes, and walk the ramp confidently. 

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These are just some of the techniques that I mastered day-by-day living as a petite.

However, I think that it is the confidence that will heighten your stature and make you appear more beautiful. Even if you dress expensively in designer clothing, it won’t matter if you lack confidence.  So be confident and make everything worthy in every step. It doesn’t matter if you look taller without elegant poise.

So, ramp confidently and let people look at you with awe.

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