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Kalamay Indang: Indang, Cavite’s One Town, One Product

Kalamay Indang: Indang, Cavite’s One Town, One Product

Craving for something sweet and sticky? Why not try one of Cavite’s One Town, One Product? The mouth-watering, famous Filipino kakaninKalamay!

Indang, Cavite’s One Town, One Product

One Town One Product (OTOP) is an initiative of the Philippine government that supports start-ups and small companies. It strives to promote the goods and services of Filipino towns, cities, and regions.

The Kalamay Buna, also called the Kalamay Indang, is one of the many products promoted in the province of Cavite. It is originally produced in Indang, specifically in Buna Lejos, for almost a century.

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Of course, through the help of the Department of Labor and Employment Regional Office IV-A (DOLE) and the local offices in the province and the municipality of Indang, the “Samahan ng mga Magkakalamay ng Buna Lejos” has been sponsored and assisted in improving their livelihood programs. And because of its rich history and delectable flavor, this delicacy has made its way into several national television shows and publishing houses.

Kalamay Indang

Photo From | Joshua Vidallo

Kalamay is a traditional sweet-tasting kakanin made from glutinous rice powder (malagkit), coconut milk, and panutsa (a molded muscovado sugar). It is often topped with coconut curds and jackfruit strips.

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It takes about three hours to complete the entire process. From preparation, cooking, and nonstop stirring until you achieve the gooey, deliciously-tasting finish.

Photo From | Joshua Vidallo

Bahay Kalamay, a shed in the town plaza, is where you may get your hands on these tasty treats. A standard rectangle-shaped package of 10 pieces of kalamay costs Php 100.00. You don’t need to worry about its shelf life because even if not refrigerated, it lasts approximately two weeks.

So, if you find yourself in the Philippines’ “History Capital,” don’t leave without tasting this delicious treat. Purchasing Kalamay Indang will not only satisfy your hunger but will also benefit the community and maintain the kalamay industry!

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