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Jasmin Salberg wore Filipino-designed evening gowns for each of her three international pageants

Jasmin Salberg wore Filipino-designed evening gowns for each of her three international pageants

Jasmin Salberg’s wore Filipino-designed evening gowns for each of her three pageants

We’ve always heard of the adage, “Three times a charm”, and for Miss International 2022 Jasmin Salberg, this is definitely true. As a certified pageant girl, she had quite the journey before clinching her own crown.

In only a span of a year, she has managed to compete in three well-known pageants. These were The Miss Globe 2021, Miss Supranational 2022, and of course, Miss International 2022. Using her experiences as an advantage, we can see why she won. However, that could not have been the only factor that helped her.

A common denominator in all her pursuit was the fact that every time she graced the stage, she wore a gown designed by a Filipino!

Serving as her lucky charm, here’s a run-down of her stunning gowns created by equally stunning designers.

Benj Leguiab IV and Louis Pangililinan (The Miss Globe 2021)

During the finals of The Miss Globe 2022, Jasmin wore two gowns from two different designers. The first one was by Benj Leguiab IV which features a silver beaded gown with a side cape.

Advancing to the Top 15, Jasmin would change into another gown and this time, it was gold. For this creation, it was made by Louis Pangilinan.

Concluding the pageant, it was Maureen Montage of The Philippines that won the title.

Klevin Bartolaba and Benj Leguiab IV (Miss Supranational 2022)

Moving over to Miss Supranational, Jasmine wore a fiery red Klevin Bartolaba evening gown for the preliminary competition.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make it into the semifinals. Lalela Mswane of South Africa, another cross-over beauty, emerged as the winner.

During the finals, Jasmin wore a pink gown by Benj Leguiab. Despite not being able to showcase it the way she wanted, this gown would later on prove to be lifechanging.

Benj Leguiab IV (Miss International 2022)

In her shining moment, Jasmin would eventually reuse her pink gown by Benj and use it for Miss International. A soft color which works well at the pageant, this decision was definitely a right choice.

It made her standout and evidently, catapulted her to victory.

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Adding that many of her mentors and other designers she had in her pageant journey were Filipinos, her win is also meant for us as well.

With a fruitful reign ahead, Jasmin is a living testament that in pageants, you’ll clap at the beginning but in the end, people will be clapping for you.

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