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How Urban Smiles is assuring cleanliness and safety for your dental needs

How Urban Smiles is assuring cleanliness and safety for your dental needs

Despite the fact that oral healthcare is necessary, many are so busy with work schedules and personal lives that they often neglect it. Taking care of our teeth and gums is more than brushing our teeth daily or gargling mouthwash. It also means that we regularly go to the dentist to make sure that our teeth and gums are in tip-top shape.

Making sure you’re happy with your teeth and safe from the virus

With the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, many people are hesitant to visit their dentist because of the fear of contracting it. Thankfully, there’s a reliable and accessible dental clinic that can take away our worries. Let’s get to know Urban Smiles and how they are adjusting to the new normal situation.

Pandemic brought many changes in the dental industry as the Dental Association of the Philippines released a set of guidelines for clinics to follow. Urban Smiles makes sure that they’re following all of the protocols, even to the smallest details.

Screenshot from Urban Smiles website

During and even after the quarantine, their clinics rarely accept walk-ins and highly encourage online booking. The booking process also acts as an online assessment wherein patients must answer a series of questions related to contact tracing and symptoms related to COVID-19. In doing that, they are not only protecting the welfare of their clients but also of their hardworking employees.

My safe and convenient dental journey with Urban Smiles

To really check how serious Urban Smiles is in terms of infection control, I went to their newest branch, the one that is located in Vertis North in Quezon City. Of course, I did the preliminary booking to make sure that there will be an available dentist for my procedure. Going there is not a hassle at all since it’s just a walking distance from the MRT North Avenue station.

The Urban Smile clinic is located at the fourth floor of the Vertis North Building. I noticed that the clinic is pristine-looking and well-lit even from the outside. Going inside, I’m not wrong about my first impression since it smells so clean and I love the fact that all things are in order.

As I entered the premises, the receptionist politely requested me to undergo the temperature check and hand sanitation. After that, I wear the PPE given to me, along with the hair cap and shoe covers. All of my things were placed in a box for safe storage. This is to make sure I’m not bringing viruses or bacteria to the sanitized room.

Innovative equipment and friendly experts

There is a lot of unfamiliar equipment inside but the Marketing Manager of Urban Smiles, Aldrin Atienza, was able to explain to me what their purpose is. The biggest one I think is the panoramic X-ray and that one allows the dentist to clearly see if there’s an impacted molar or wisdom tooth.

In every room, I observed that there are air purifiers and other strange equipment. Sir Aldrin explained to me that it is an aerosol suction machine it collects, filters, and kills viruses and bacteria present within the aerosols and droplets from the patient’s mouth during a dental procedure.


My dentist for that day, Dr. Sheila, explained patiently all of the things I need to know. She walks me through the whole process even warned me that I might feel slight tingling pain in my gums. I felt quite at ease because she is knowledgeable and friendly.

Even though the whole process took almost 3 hours, boy it was worth it! I’m even surprised that my teeth and gums did not hurt at all. I felt slightly uncomfortable because my mouth was full of pieces of cotton. But nothing too painful.

I’m very satisfied with the result. No more yellowish teeth because of too much-drinking coffee and soda. Now, I can proudly flash a smile during a video conference with my workmates. In fact, I already showed off my pearly whites on my social media accounts.

If you are interested to inquire about a dental service, don’t hesitate to send an inquiry through Urban Smiles Facebook account. There’ll be a customer service representative to assist you with online bookings and schedules.

Their dental clinics are now also accepting online payments via PayPal and bank transfers. Soon, they’ll be adding more payment channels for safer and  ‘cashless’ transactions. To know more about Urban Smiles, you can visit their website by clicking here.

We don’t realize it that much but our teeth have such an important role to play in our lives. They help us chew and digest food. They help us to talk and speak clearly and they also give our face its shape. And you must admit it, a healthy set of teeth can give you a confidence boost to smile towards others.

High time to take care of them. Do you guys agree?

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