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How LJ Reyes is deeply hurting amidst separation from Paolo Contis

How LJ Reyes is deeply hurting amidst separation from Paolo Contis

Letting go of someone you love is never easy.

We invest so much of ourselves into romantic relationships that when we finally accept that it’s time to say goodbye, it’s like saying goodbye to a huge part of us.

Every fun memory, every inside joke, every photograph – letting go of your partner means letting go of everything you two shared. No one in this world wants to make that difficult choice.

Yet, there are times when you just have to look inside yourself. You have to admit that it’s done, it’s over, and it’s time to move on.

LJ Reyes reveals breakup with Paolo Contis ‘difficult, painful’

Photo from GMA News Online

In an hour-long exclusive interview with the “King of Talk” Boy Abunda on his YouTube channel, LJ Reyes finally broke her silence about breakup rumors between her and Paolo Contis.

The Kapuso star revealed that she and Paolo have separated, but the decision was not mutual.

Previously, Paolo’s manager Lolit Solis said that their split was a mutual decision. Lolit claimed that the two outgrew the romance in their relationship. However, LJ disproved the statement, explaining:

Hindi siya mutual. Kasi naniniwala ako na kapag mutual ang isang desisyon, ito ay pareho kayong sumasang-ayon na hindi na nagwo-work ‘yung relationship.

Screencapture from The Boy Abunda Talk Channel

Evidently, LJ is in too much emotional pain. She wants to remain strong in front of the camera, but her eyes and her voice tell it all.

She added how she held on to her relationship with the actor for several months for the sake of their children.

According to LJ, Paolo has been “distant” from her and their children even before they broke up. She said,

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“Matagal ko nang nararamdaman na nakahiwalay na siya sa amin,” she said.

So what can we learn from LJ’s failed relationship with her former partner?

Acceptance and letting go is never easy but worth it

We learned that many women endure pain, humiliation, and even betrayal for the sake of their kids. In our culture, Filipinos aspire that their children will grow up with both a mother and a father figure, having the image of being a whole and happy family even though it’s already messed up and broken inside.

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But you know what? We think that children deserve a happy mother, as well. A woman can only give her best in taking care of the family if she’s also nurtured. We also commend how LJ stood up for herself and her kids and decided to walk away. After all, she’s establishing an example to Aki and Summer on how they should treat their future partners.

Stay strong LJ!

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