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Honest Thoughts On Chaeyeon’s Spooky Solo Debut ‘Hush Rush’

Honest Thoughts On Chaeyeon’s Spooky Solo Debut ‘Hush Rush’

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Former Iz*One member and main dancer Lee Chaeyeon kickstarted her solo career with the cutely Halloween-themed bop Hush Rush.

Honest Thoughts On Chaeyeon’s Spooky Solo Debut ‘Hush Rush’

The powerful main dancer returned on stage, last October 12, as the last Iz*One member to debut after disbanding in 2021. Blessing Wiz*Ones with her first mini album, Chaeyeon’s, Hush Rush, gives out cute vibes with its relaxing retro tunes mixed with a contradicting vampiric and emo concept. However, the lead single’s mismatched concept is definitely no coincidence as it subtly references Chaeyeon’s beginning journey as a soloist.

Cute but spooky

The rainbow-designed cross truly sums up the juxtaposition of the Hush Rush music video. Chaeyeon plays a young and isolated vampire who just woke from a long slumber in her coffin. Curious and eager, she tries to explore the world despite the risk of exposing herself to the Sun. Despite the dark concept, she surprises us with a light and cute song to balance and show her personality.

The music video is about a vampire who is trapped in an ancient castle for 300 years. The vampire wakes up and takes her first step into the world, which is thrilling and shown in a cute way.

Chaeyeon explains in an interview with Kpopmap about the ‘Hush Rush’ music video.

I also noticed the change in styles of costume throughout the music video. From vintage white and dark dresses transitioning to modern and colorful outfits as she pushes herself to leave her castle. This shows how the lonely vampire tries to fit in while being herself in a new world she is not familiar with.

‘In the light that spreads’

It’s a storyline about a vampire, but it is also about me as Lee Chaeyeon, so I hope that you enjoy watching it.

Chayeon answered in the interview when asked about the message of ‘Hush Rush.’

Being the last to debut among her former members, Chaeyeon also felt the pressure of coming back on stage. Thus, the song’s message represents her feeling of going out into the spotlight after being on hiatus from the music scene for a year and a half. Hush Rush is all about Chaeyeon bravely exploring a new chapter in her career and her love for performing on stage.

The nervousness doesn’t stop

Make me dance, I’m fallin’ in (Hush rush on the stage)

Going crazier (I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it)

Hush rush on the stage

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– Lee Chaeyeon’s ‘Hush Rush’

For her, the stage is calling her back to dance, describing it as a feeling of “jumping in love.” Even though she feels nervous to perform after a long rest, she also feels excited to immerse herself in the music. Her unstoppable passion for dancing is honestly admirable.

Underwhelming for a debut

Despite the adorable message and witty concept, Hush Rush’s potential is lost under the lack of depth in the lyrics. Frankly, I find it quite repetitive and underwhelming. Given that this is a debut song, I’m also looking for something catchy. But, unfortunately, its mellowness and far-too-consistent lyrics are making it difficult to find the song memorable. Although, I have to say that the beat drop in the bridge truly saved the whole piece.

Furthermore, I got disappointed that we did not get a dance break from her first solo. As an iconic dancer from survival shows Sixteen and Produce 48, I was expecting to be fed by her soulful and electrifying moves. However, the choreography was just anticlimactic. Nevertheless, this does not stop me from supporting Chaeyeon’s beginning solo era.

Hush Rush’s fresh melody is definitely worth listening to for a smooth yet groovy vibe.

Chaeyeon’s charm definitely brings out the most in her songs. Although Hush Rush did not make a remarkable impression on me, I’m still interested to see how her following songs will turn out.

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