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Feeling burned out? This Ben&Ben new single is for you

Feeling burned out? This Ben&Ben new single is for you

One of the country’s most popular bands today, Ben&Ben, just released a clip of their upcoming new single Magpahinga. It seemed as if the original song dedicated to those suffering from burnout.

Last Wednesday, Ben&Ben posted on Facebook a Tiktok video. This, on the other hand, features one of the Benjamin twins singing a portion of the song. The said song also tells the story of someone who doesn’t want to give up. However, just like any of us, the person also has draining episodes as problems weighing down on them


An excerpt from the songs tells the importance of taking a rest and encouraging you to not give up despite having a series of challenging moments.

“Ayoko namang magpatalo pero ba’t parang ubos na ubos na ako? Ang sabi mo dito ka lang sa’kin. Magpahinga muna. Lalabanan din mga dambuhalang ‘di maubos na problema”
“Malapit na pero ‘di rin kasalanang magpahinga (Soon but it’s not a sin to get some rest).”

In the caption, the band wrote:

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“Para sa mga pagod na lumaban, para sa’yo to. ‘Magpahinga,’ an original song.”

Just four hours after its release, the video shared on Facebook already had 30,000 reactions and 150,000 views. Last week, Ben&Ben, released Upuan, the first single off of their upcoming second album. Ben&Ben is known for its original songs that mirror the feelings and experiences of normal people. Of course, some of their popular songs include “Ride Home”, “Leaves”, “Maybe the Night”, “Pagtingin”, “Lifetime”, “Doors”, and the critically acclaimed “Kathang Isip.”

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