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Exposing Truths Over Potato Corner’s Hiring Issue

Exposing Truths Over Potato Corner’s Hiring Issue

Potato Corner Hiring Issue

Many netizens have shown their disbelief over the recent Potato Corner‘s hiring issue. This controversy has ignited a wave of public satire, and people telling that it’s discriminatory, as it highlights people’s struggles in the current job market. However, sharing these job requirements stands questionable, as they can only necessitate individuals who can accomplish the tasks effectively.

Examining Truths Over Potato Corner’s Hiring Issue

Photo courtesy of now-deleted post of Potato Corner Ventura Mall

This is the exact job posting of Potato Corner Ventura Mall that recently went viral because it shows requirements that aren’t open to all. Considering that a pleasing personality, multi-tasking, basic mathematical skills, and more are useful when dealing with customers.

Now, how did this become discriminatory? According to some netizens, the branch’s requirements are like the same preferences when pursuing pageantry that isn’t seemingly inclusive. Additionally, many have made a meme out of it poking fun at their job requirements.

Jobs like this should be inclusive because they only require relevant skills that are helpful in serving the customers. However, Potato Corner now posted an apology regarding the branch’s job preferences and insisted that they value diversity and inclusivity.

“At Potato Corner, we firmly believe in the value of diversity and inclusion, true to what the brand provides to our cherished guests and valued business partners,

We do not support or condone discriminatory hiring practices,”

Potato Corner via LA, GMA Integrated News

Moreover, it’s not only them that prefer such high requirements.

There’s also a prevalent frustration among many individuals regarding employers who establish criteria that are unfair to the monthly salary range. And not just the salary, there are also some who said to accept fresh graduates but require years of professional experience.

This results in people struggling to find a job that will hire them, which can lead to the unemployment rate possibly rising again. Given that the unemployment rate in the Philippines is currently at 4.5% since April 2023 as per the Labor Force Survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Furthermore, The Pinoy OFW also stated in their article that the lack of decent employment opportunities contributes to unemployment. This is due to the insufficient number of available jobs that are open to everyone.

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And their second reason is the lack of relevant skills and competencies which can also be related to the Potato Corner’s controversy. And in their case, it’s not even a skill issue, but they prefer to find employees according to their physical attributes.

However, there truly is no shame in requiring a physically healthy individual— for employers and jobs who will truly benefit from it.

For jobs like being a soldier, and even being a flight steward/stewardess, they actually needed individuals who were physically able. This requirement enables them to do their jobs effectively.

There is a recent post about ladies applying as flight stewardesses that explains why being physically healthy is a requirement.

This rationale justifies the acceptance of such requirements among the public, as they help with the individual’s job performance. Similarly, the role of a soldier necessitates similar preferences. Additionally, the physical demands of activities like running, firing guns, and other tasks that rely on optimal physical health.

In conclusion, it’s evident that certain roles should entail minor preferences, while other positions can rightfully require high standards due to their beneficial impact.
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