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Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr.: Leading Manila Central University into a Promising Future

Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr.: Leading Manila Central University into a Promising Future

With an expression of utmost gratitude, recognition of their humble beginnings, and a promise of commitment to a “bigger, bolder, and brighter” Manila Central University, Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr. took an oath as the 6th MCU President.

This momentous event signifies the institution’s dedication to academic excellence, research, and community service. The appointment of Dr. Tanchoco represents a continuation of the university’s rich legacy. This milestone contributes to their continuous effort of being true to its mission in producing globally-competitive graduates and being a contributor of social impact.

Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr. prior to his presidency

Along with the MCU community’s hopeful outlook of the future under Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco Jr., they also looked back to his contributions prior to his appointment as the incumbent President of Manila Central University.

He served as the Vice President for Planning and External Affairs, significantly contributing to the university’s strategic development. Dr. Tanchoco’s rich and diverse educational background became his edge as a seasoned authority in various fields. He is a Doctor of Medicine from the MCU-FDTMF and at the same time, holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the university itself.

His leadership was significant in successfully steering MCU through rigorous accreditation processes for ISO, PAASCU, and PACUCOA, ensuring the institution’s commitment to maintaining and elevating its educational standards. His leadership encompasses the community outside the university. This was clear in many of his community engagement initiatives such as medical missions for the marginalized sectors. Furthermore, his efforts to secure financial assistance for scholarships provided opportunities for deserving students towards an accessible and quality education.

Visionary leadership and commitment to student success

Visible from his inaugural address that focused on his plans for the university, Dr. Tanchoco’s investiture represents visionary leadership. Moreover, his leadership is marked by innovative ideas and a forward-looking approach to tackling evolving challenges in education and healthcare. As President, he adopts a proactive stance in staying ahead of the curve, embracing technology, and cultivating a culture of inclusivity that values diverse perspectives.

Meanwhile, being a witness to Dr. Tanchoco and the university’s continuous initiative to uphold inclusive spaces, Ms. Chynna Roxanne Gonzalez, Executive Vice President, shared her attestation of the administration’s dedication for such advocacy.

If a school is not inclusive, then that’s a pretty problematic society. [Inclusivity] is not something groundbreaking for us. We’ve always accommodated and we’ve always had diversity built in our community.

Ms. Chynna Roxanne Gonzalez stated in an interview.

Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr. is also a champion of student success as he recognizes the university’s mission to equip students with knowledge, skills, and values essential for the path they are taking. These are observed in his efforts for curriculum modernization, experiential learning opportunities, and robust academic support services.

Dr. Tanchoco on research, innovation, and community engagement

Rooted in the aim of contributing and enhancing the fields of research and innovation, Dr. Tanchoco and the rest of the administration translated the university’s mission into physical project. Through their investment to research infrastructure, faculty development, and industry partnerships, cutting-edge research and advances in healthcare and sciences were fostered.

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At the same time, Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr. spearheaded several partnerships and engagements in the community and organizations allowed the expansion of the university’s influence in addressing societal needs while establishing mutual benefits. With his community-centric approach, he was able to create shared responsibility through engagements between the university and the local community that surrounds.

Furthermore, according to MCU Executive Vice President Gonzalez, the administration is already has started and will continue to groundbreaking innovations inside and outside of the classrooms.

Ethical leadership, global perspective, and celebration of achievement

The leadership of Dr. Tanchoco upholds both strong ethics and the very core values of the university. This includes integrity, nurturing, prudence, resilience and perseverance. Moreover, his approach exhibits honesty, transparency, and accountability, which the MCU Community witnessed over the years.

MCU’s 6th university president also values the essence of globalization, thus aspires to enhance international collaboration, exchange programs, and partnerships. He believes that these will prepare students as global citizens that embrace cross-cultural understanding.

His investiture is a celebration of his remarkable personal and professional achievements. It serves as a powerful source of inspiration for the MCU community. It reminds all that leadership, innovation, and dedication drive positive transformation in education and society.

Such milestone for the Manila Central University brought the community back to when it was starting. It also allowed them to experience the greatness it enjoys today. But most of all, gave them a glimpse to where Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr. will take them in the coming years: to a promising future.

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