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Does foodpanda really live up to “fastest food delivery app”? Let’s find out!

Does foodpanda really live up to “fastest food delivery app”? Let’s find out!

Your favorite food’s fast ride is here! foodpanda delivers your faves whenever and wherever. Satisfy your cravings with the fastest way to deliver mouthwatering food right at the desk near you. Does the app really live up to “fastest food delivery app”? The Village Pipol team ordered some food from the app to find out!

SPEED CHALLENGE: Does foodpanda really live up to “fastest food delivery app”?

STEP 1: Order food from the app!

Who doesn’t crave Papa John’s Pizza once in a while? Treating the whole office to a mini blow out, we ordered a hefty amount of food from their branch nearest to our office. With such a huge order, will the food get here in less than an hour? Hmmm, we hope so!

STEP 2: Set an alarm!

After ordering the food, we tested if the food will arrive in less than its estimated delivery time. So, we set the time for an hour to see if it would arrive before the alarm blares.

STEP 3: The food is here!

Would you look at that?! The food arrived even before the alarm blared out. Available from App Store and Google Play Store, anyone can order their cravings to fuel themselves for meetings or late-night deliveries to your office or even, home. Your favorite restaurants will surely come to a desk near you.

LAST STEP: Eat your heart out!

The pizzas, the calzones, and the pasta are still hot even after a short photo op. foodpanda definitely live up to the claims of being the fastest food delivery.

Download the app for free and browse restaurants’ menus, read reviews, share your experience and more. Additionally, the app also has an real-time order tracking feature. This way, you can follow your food in real time as it gets prepared and delivered to you!

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