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BTS’ “Permission to Dance” proves no need permission to dance

BTS’ “Permission to Dance” proves no need permission to dance

The wait has been over for a few days now. BTS released the new song entitled Permission to Dance. And, the song received a lot of overwhelming reactions – especially from Deaf people who noticed some things on a video. Hearing people listening to the song will already make you dance to the bear. However, it has meaningful and fun dance moves. The band and its management created a #PermissionToDance challenge on YouTube, starting July 23.

Challenge accepted! BTS fans started to memorize the Permission To Dance choreography and posted it on their social media accounts. 

To add, the steps from the song pertain to American Sign Language (ASL). To Deaf people, the dance told them to ‘dance’ and to ‘have fun’ or ‘be happy.’

You don’t need permission to dance! Show us your move. Just let the music get you going! BTS is right. No need for permission to make you dance. Just listening to the song or watching the video will automatically make you feel good.


Meanwhile, the Permission To Dance became more special due to its collaborator. 

We all know him. No other than hit English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. He wrote the song together with Snow Patrol member Johnny Mcdaid, producer Steve Mac, and Butter co-writer Jenna Andrews. Indeed, another song to boost one’s serotonin.


In connection to what is happening right now, not only does it give us a bouncy beat, it also features a message that everything will be okay. Someday, we can all take off our face masks and live a virus-free world soon.

Moreover, the rap line of BTS RM, Suga, and JHope showed their hidden vocals that none of us ever expected. People used to watch them as rappers of the group. But, this time they sang to the song which sounded amazingly good in the ears.

We don’t need to worry

Cause when we fall we know how to land

BTS tells us that the struggles we faced make us stronger.  And, we are more than ready to face another challenge that life will give. Obviously, BTS indeed works not only to make top-charting hits but to move everyone’s hearts. ARMYs expressed how this song serves as the best gift ever as it was released on fandom’s anniversary last July 9. Looking forward to creative performances of the fans’ entries on the #PermissionToDance challenge.

Everyone, let’s break our plans and live just like we’re golden! Dance like a fool. Because we don’t need permission to dance.

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