Bailey May has been working out since he was 10 — well, it shows


Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Bailey May has been living the life. He joined the global pop group Now United in 2017, and is continuously exploring his craft as a performer. Before becoming one of the hottest pop stars, this 17-year-old Filipino-British once caught our hearts with his charming and cute looks.

Today, Bailey has become a fitness inspiration to young netizens. In an interview with PUSH, he talked about his fitness journey, which started when he was just 20 years old kid.

“I’ve been working out since I was 10,” Bailey started. He, then, shared that Russian-born Australian trainer Zyzz, Matthew McConaughey, and Zac Efron are among his fitspirations.

Bailey always makes time to work out every day at gym or at home, especially when has free time.

“My workout routine would normally be full body depending on what muscles are aching that day then a half an hour cardio after the workout. It feels great, painful, challenging, and extremely satisfying,” he said.

“He taught me all the basics and from then on I taught myself,” he shared, referring to his personal trainer when he still lived in the Philippines. However, his routine now is far different from what he had before. “My workout has become more intense in order to achieve the look I need for my work,” he added.

Bailey said that his shoulders, chest, and arms are the part of his body he’s most proud of, saying that these are also the easiest to work on. On the other hand, he admitted that he always have a hard time maintaining his abs.

For his diet, he shared some his staple food. “When I aim to cut some weight I have a diet. It’s mainly a lot of meat, vegetables, coffee, green tea and I try to not consume sugar,” he added.

What is his message to people who want to start their fitness journey?

“Focus on your goal everyday. Imagine what you will look like once you’ve reached it. You will feel much better inside and out. Trust me, it won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it,” he noted.


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