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Al James: The Vibe Of An Icon

Al James: The Vibe Of An Icon

Picture this: you’re at a birthday party at the house of your classmate. There’s one problem though. There are two entirely different friend groups in one room. You feel the tension and awkwardness rising despite the brief exchange of names and small talk. Just as when you’re finally done pretending to find the sisig especially interesting, the speaker boomed with an unfamiliar melody. The song has seductive lyrics, and a slow, arresting rhythm, sung in a low baritone behind chill-inducing beats. You gradually see the room easing unto itself, giving in to the rhythm and the booze. They just have to ask, “Hey, what’s the title? Who sang this?” And, you had your answer, “Oh, you don’t know? This is Al James!”

Who exactly is Al James?

Born as Alvin James P. Manlutac, Al James found his way to music through his passion for art. His gateway to music and R&B stems from his interest in graffiti and through peers of mutual interest. Somewhere along the way, Al James finds himself in front of the mic, hopping from bar to bar, performing.

Al James dominated our playlist since his sudden skyrocketing rise to fame in 2017. The velvet-voiced wonder found success with his two songs, Ngayong Gabi and Pahinga. The singles became Al James’ bread and butter, and forever became a party staple for today’s youth. The song’s big break earned the artist a collaboration with McDonald’s, creating a song jingle entitled Palamig which hits harder than it needed to.

Al James: The Vibe Of An Icon

Al James’ song stirs something inside anyone who listens to it. Oh, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill rap music, it is something far better. An improvement even! Each song feels like an invitation to a non-existent sip of rum, a blow with a non-existent smoke. No song describes his discography better than Repeat and Latina.

Repeat drags your body to a slow stop with its R&B tone and heavy bass, all the while Al James smokes the shit out of his flow. Latina, on the other hand, easily inspired by the instrumental of its namesake, combines Latin guitar and brass with modern production. By the time the guitar solo hits, your brain probably has this song as a hostage.

How Al James became a party staple is not entirely a secret. Every production lined up for each hit packs a heavy, indulgent punch. They invite dancing, singing, and even a chant. All you have to do is sway and bop your head with the beat, raise your cups, and let the music melt your worries away.

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For some, the songs become more meaningful when taken in a lyrical sense. With a voice smoother than Hennessy whiskey, beats colder than ice, and lyrics warmer than summer nights, Al James stirs up a vibe like no other. His songs accompany banters and pillow talks all the same, as they are love potions for your personal indulgence. Just be careful: they are quite potent!

Visuals fitting of an icon

Most of Al James’ music video combines 80’s hip-hop fashion, boujee snazzy, and a ton of neon aesthetic. Every music video exudes psychedelic mania of synth and party, which quickly becomes his staple. His latest hit Mood captures his visual genius quite fantastically. Meanwhile, Mood just has the quality of being an engineered overnight sensation. The ever-present DeLorean car, iced-up neck, and white designer motor jacket add to the fact that this man has an immaculate drip. 

Since his recent comeback, Al James just keep on making hits worthy of international recognition. Every song becomes an anthem for poured cups and the herald of a night to be remembered. His voice teleports you into a world without worries: a microcosm to unwind from the entangled complications of life. Want to read more articles like this? Click here!

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