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A Northern Christmas for Anne Curtis and Family

A Northern Christmas for Anne Curtis and Family

Anne Curtis shares with the world her Christmas vacation with Dahlia and Erwan in Lapland, Finland.

The actress was seen having the best time with her family during their northern Christmas vacation, as seen in her Instagram posts and stories.

And we can all agree that it screams true #sanaall and ‘winter wonderland’ moment.

Allow me to take you on a virtual tour of the snowy Lapland, Finland, courtesy of Anne’s holiday snaps.

Something out of a Storybook

Solenn, her sister-in-law, expressed her amusement in a photo Anne posted on Instagram, making a comment “like a storybook.”

And we can all agree with Solenn that this photo looks like it came straight out of a book of fairy tales.

This iconic log cabin house is also reminiscent of the film A Boy Called Christmas, which was shot in Finland as well.

Unsurprisingly, this photo drew a slew of ‘wow’ comments from netizens.

Oh what fun it really is to ride in a sleigh

A Northern Christmas for Anne Curtis and Family

Dahlia’s clearly having a good time with that beaming smile!

We looooove a sweet mother-daughter moment on a winter weather sleigh ride.

The song is not telling lies! Riding in an open sleigh is truly fun.

Anne and Erwan Plus One

This isn’t the first time this globetrotting couple has shared their surreal vacation trips on social media.

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But this one is absolutely more special and meaningful because it is now ErwAnne plus their little one, Dahlia.

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A post shared by Erwan Heussaff (@erwan)

And from being the ideal insta-boyfie to being the perfect insta-dad!

Erwan, once again, showcases his passion for capturing precious moments through the lens.

There’s no denying that we’re all secretly enjoying Anne and Erwan’s virtual updates on their winter vacation.

It’s as if we’re right there with them, basking in the snow from the comfort of our own screens.

Until we’re able to experience this magical trip, we’ll keep on admiring Anne and Erwan’s holiday photos.

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