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These Designer Bags For Men Will Stand For Style

These Designer Bags For Men Will Stand For Style

Yes, men can be stylish too. Men can choose whether they want their bag to serve either for style or utility. Though nowadays we all know that men usually think of the style. From their outfits, accessories, shoes, and especially bags. Here are seven designer bags that are perfect for modern men.

Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag

To begin with, this bag is actually a classic bag from LV, it’s the most common messenger bag.

Image From Louis Vuitton (Pinterest)

Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk

The reinvention of the LV’s Trunk in a mini and handy version is stylish with a touch of history.

Image From Louis Vuitton (Pinterest)

Balenciaga Water Bottle Bag

Well, the newest micro-bags are all over since last S/S 2020. So here’s Balenciaga’s Itsy-Bitsy Water Bottle bag as the cutest and trendiest men’s bag.

Image From Balenciaga (Pinterest)

Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag

This bag surely looks like a chocolate bar. Bottega Veneta literally made Padded Cassette Bag is one of the most iconic bags for men.

Image From Bottega Veneta (Pinterest)

Gucci X Supreme Duffle Bag

We all like traveling, in fact, we did know that a perfect bag is a must. Gucci collaborated with Supreme to make a duffle bag that is perfect for our travels.

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Image From Gucci (Pinterest)

Dior Roller Bag

The oblique shape bag is actually one of the most popular bags for men. Its shape defines this iconic piece.

Image From Dior (Pinterest)

Dior Saddle Bag

The bag that is inspired by horse saddle. It comes with a variety of colors and sizes. The most popular is the black one.

Image From Dior (Pinterest)

Men can always find the perfect bag depending on their taste and style. We all just need to know which bag is suitable for us. So for now, we can think about what will be in on our next haul.

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