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TIKTOK RAID: Stell Ajero and his most viewed clips on TikTok


TIKTOK RAID: Stell Ajero and his most viewed clips on TikTok

Not unbeknownst to his fans, Stellvester Ajero or simply Stell of SB19 is one talented and adorable guy. He is known for his bright personality, excellent sense of humor, and incomparable singing talent. Well, of course, he has killer dance moves too— his entries on TikTok will vouch for that.

Just recently, Stell celebrated gaining one million followers on the viral video-sharing platform. So to join his admirers in this milestone, we spotted some of his most viewed TikTok clips of all time:

Stealing our hearts

Stell’s top-watched video captured our hearts, and gave us a heart attack at that! Earning him a whopping 6.5M views is his take on the #heartattack challenge on TikTok.

Here, Stell effortlessly hit some high notes by singing a single line from the pre-chorus of Demi Lovato’s song. As a result, not only did the casuals highly praise him but his co-verified content creators too!

Certainly loved by fans for his singing prowess, he is not called the main vocal of his group for no reason.

A prankster?


anong feeling?? @jahdedios.77 🤪🤪🤪 @officialsb19 #sb19_justin #sb19_stell #sb19

♬ Into the thick of it Glitch – Kuya Magik

Meanwhile, Stell shows us a glimpse of his humor by pranking his co-member Justin in a Tiktok video! In this 10-second clip, he led him on a supposed dance cover which eventually turned out to be a ploy.

As of writing, the video garnered 3.4M views and over 10,000 comments. For A’TIN, revenge has never been better by fooling around Justin, who is a known ‘budolero’ of SB19.

See you on the next prank?

So perfect!


big room + nice echo 🔥🤟🏻 #heresyourperfect @jamiemillmusic @officialsb19 #ppoprise

♬ original sound – Vester Ajero – Vester Ajero

Surely, we are not yet over in emphasizing Stell’s heavenly voice. And by heavenly, we meant ‘perfect’ like how he nailed singing a cover of a track from Welsh singer, Jamie Miller.

Harvesting 3.1M views, this rendition caught the attention of the original artist who even offered a chance to collaborate. Unfortunately, we have not heard of Stell’s acceptance of the proposal other than he expressed gratitude for the appreciation.

A dance machine

We might have known Stell as SB19’s main vocal but to remind everyone, he is also a great dancer. And to testify is a 2.2M viewed video from the year 2020 where we have him slaying some moves!

On tape, his co-member Josh joined him bopping to a remix of ‘Sunday Best’ and ‘Don’t Start Now’. Seeing them complement each other, it’s because they were together in a dance cover group before SB19 came. Talk about how birds of the same feather indeed flock together.

Impromptu Duet

Last but not least, another dance cover but– with a twist. As seen on a clip that received 2.1M views, Stell is dancing to a mash-up until a little surprise came.

On the latter part, he switched the angle of the camera, revealing their leader Pablo candidly jiving in his accord! As Pablo rarely participates on TikTok, this duet by accident is a gift unexpectedly granted by Stell to fans. Until now, it remains as one of their cutest interactions.

Time to stan Stell!

Many have fallen for his charms and to say that one is an exception would be bluffing. The little attention you first give him, then soon admiration, then the irresistible coming to a repeat. It will gradually turn to a pattern of later thanking him for his existence.

Indeed, these TikTok videos are just a fragment of his delight. Stell has won the hearts of many, and he will continue winning us by simply being his genuine self.

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