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Summer, Fite Me: Here are 7 Cold Treats To Quench Your Thirst

Summer, Fite Me: Here are 7 Cold Treats To Quench Your Thirst


Don’t let quarantine bring you any more down while we battle this pandemic and the new enemy: Philippine heat!

Even when at home, there are more ways to fight the blazing sun. Now with all these time in our hands, it’s just right that we start learning how to enjoy the things we usually let others do for us by ourselves.

We can find tutorials and easy step-by-step guides online, information is everywhere! Whatever it is that you are craving for at the moment, trust us, we are on the same age with you.

We’ve also got these seven cold treats on our minds on repeat:

1. Halo-Halo

With the right equipment and sometimes even alternatives, this staple Filipino dessert can be homemade! Grab those ingredients when you do your regular grocery run and follow some recipes and before you know it, you’re already munching on your self-made thirst-quencher!

Look it up online, you would be surprised on how many different ways you can alter Halo-Halo!

If you’ve tried your best and it still wasn’t good enough to your liking, give in to foodpanda/Grab! At least you tried!

2. Ice cream

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Recently, our timelines have been dominated by ‘Do It Yourself’ ice cream which seems very easy and requires a few ingredients. Stop wondering and envying your friends because you too can do it!

Pick up your lazy ass and make use of it in the kitchen. I don’t know if a lot can relate to this, but eating your own recipes tastes better and has this rewarding feeling.

3. Ice Scramble

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When the trusty ‘kuyang manlalako’ is nowhere to be found outside, shave some ice and look for powdered milk and you can have yourself your make-shift scramble (minus the cute food coloring though).

It’s better than none at all, right?

4. Sago’t Gulaman

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Another Filipino famous dessert that’s easy to recreate at home! The main ingredient really are some pearls and gulaman which you can find in supermarkets, then with some ice and evaporated milk, we are good to go.

There are also videos on YouTube where people teach us how to make pearls on our own, you can try that also if you have extra time!

5. Mais con Yelo

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This cold treat can also be done with items found in your local markets! Just a can of kernel corn and ice with milk, you can relive your childhood in a minute!

Remember when we used to buy this in front of our schools everyday after class? It sure tastes sweet and nostalgic.

6. Ice candy

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It’s as easy as it sounds! Whatever flavor you have in mind can be mixed with water and when put to the freezer can be made a dessert to fight the heat.

A few of the best are Avocado, Mango, and even Milo! In just hours, your cold treat is available!

7. Iced coffee

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I know, we miss Starbucks and Tim Hortons too. However, Iced Coffee is the simples beverage you can do at home! Especially if you’re not a fan of whipped cream, this can be done in a minute!

You can use your preferred coffee brand and mix them with iced cold water, grab your metallic straw, then imagine that you’re sitting in a cafe reading your book or just chill. Trust us, it helps the mood.

Now more than ever is the time to be independent and explore new things. The lockdown is no excuse to slack! Especially if it’s for FOOD!

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