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Styling ten outfits for Harry Styles’ Love on Tour concert in the Philippines!

Styling ten outfits for Harry Styles’ Love on Tour concert in the Philippines!

Harry Styles is coming to the Philippines on March 14, 2023, for the Manila leg of his Love On Tour. And, I can hardly contain my excitement. Although the singer-songwriter has been in the country before, I have yet to actually watch him live. I have been a fan since One Direction was formed in 2010. So, it is definitely a huge thing for me to finally watch him be the icon that he is onstage. As a long-time fan, I was able to watch his growth from his music to his confidence to his fashion style. 

With that said, I want to style ten outfit inspirations for Harry Styles’ Love on Tour concert in the Philippines!

We have to remember that the Philippines is a tropical country. And, March may kick off the summer season. So, make sure you dress comfortably when going to the concert. You will sweat and you will experience humidity. You have to make sure you’re prepared for that.

Aside from that, you also have to make sure that you wear thinner and more absorbent fabrics. Although these outfits are inspired by my favorite songs from his three solo albums (Harry Styles, Fine Line, and Harry’s House), these songs may not be included in his setlist.


Harry Styles’ music video for Kiwi features him wearing an entire suit. Although it would be nice to wear a suit for the concert, it wouldn’t be comfortable and practical. So, I recommend wearing a graphic tee with a kiwi plastered at the center. Then, you can match it with a pair of green flared pants or leggings.

Aside from that, you can also accessorize with green sunglasses, a mini leather purse, pearl accessories, and white knee-length boots. This will surely allow you to rock out to any Harry Styles song and dance around with fellow fans.

Sweet Creature

Now, this song is quite sweet. So, I imagine that the outfit inspired by this Harry Style song should be even sweeter. So, grab a white comfortable mini cardigan and match it with a pastel blue satin midi skirt. For functionality’s sake, wear a pair of white sneakers to allow you to dance around. Then, you can wear either pearl or silver accessories as embellishments for the outfit.

Bring a mini blue purse to store your essentials. Aside from that, you can put on a pair of white sunglasses on top of your head. As for me, the reason why I want a pair of sunglasses for this outfit is that, at least, I could use them for protection to avoid triggering my chronic migraines. 


There are so many interpretations of this song. But, the main thing that I could get from this song revolves around jealousy or toxicity in a previous relationship. So, as a way to keep it tempting, let’s juxtapose the title of the song with the masculine silhouette of the red loose cargo pants and a pair of black combat boots.

Then, keep it feminine with a red ribbed cropped top and gold accessories. Match the entire thing with other black embellishments like black sunglasses and a black leather purse. Plus, every Woman looks good in red. So, this can work with anybody, especially those with golden brown skin.


Harry Styles’ music video for this song features scenes of him topless and wearing a pair of white cargo shorts and a yellow bucket hat. So, let’s replicate the color palette with a yellow corset top, white loose denim cargo pants, and a pair of yellow Nike dunks. Then, complete it with pearl accessories, white sunglasses, and a yellow leather purse. You’d be as Golden as Harry Styles looked in the music video and in literally everything he does.

Watermelon Sugar

The music video for Watermelon Sugar features Harry Styles wearing an orange and green crocheted or knitted top. He wore a pair of burgundy trousers and remained barefoot. So, for this outfit, let’s keep that in mind for inspiration. This outfit features an orange, green, and purple argyle cropped sweater vest.

Then, it has a similar pair of burgundy trousers that he had in the music video. Aside from that, you can also keep your outfit colorful by accessorizing with corresponding hues. Grab green sunglasses, a pair of orange Nike dunks, a purple mini purse, and pearl accessories to match the colors of the vest.

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Fine Line

I am actually planning on wearing a similar outfit like this. I would love to replicate the outfit from the Fine Line album cover with either a fuschia puffed sleeve or an angel-type sleeve. Then, I would pair it with a pair of white flared denim. Aside from that, I would complete the outfit with pearl accessories, black sunglasses, black combat boots, and a black leather purse. It’s the easiest one to replicate. But, it’s the prettiest to do so.


Daylight starts off with a simple head-bobbing introduction. Although the lyrics point out how he curses the actual daylight, you can dress up in the similar hues of one. Go for a yellow mini cardigan and a pair of light-washed mom jeans. Complete the outfit with pearl accessories, black sunglasses, black combat boots, and a yellow leather purse. You will look like the daylight… but, hopefully, no one curses you.

Music for a Sushi Restaurant

Harry Styles literally dressed like a merman in the music video of Music for a Sushi Restaurant. I would hope no one dresses like a merman or a mermaid. I mean, you can. But, you can go for a sushi-inspired look with a salmon-hued outfit. You can grab salmon satin trousers and a dark orange cutout long-sleeved top. Then, complete it with pearl accessories, black sunglasses, black platform loafers, and a black leather purse.


The song Satellite starts off with a chill vibe. Then, it continues to a dancey chorus. However, the lyrics (for me, at least) idealized a potential romantic partner and tries to lessen the results of his loneliness. Although it has a cheerful tone, the lyrics sound so sad to me. And, that’s why I recommend an all-black ensemble if you want to wear an outfit inspired by this song.

Go for a black corset top and a chained black denim skirt, and grab a black mini cardigan just in case it gets chilly a the Philippine Arena. Then, embellish your outfit with silver accessories, black sunglasses, and black combat boots. You can also grab a black leather backpack for your essentials.

Love of My Life

Now, this Harry Styles song hits like a Valentine’s Day anthem. Declaring someone as the Love of My Life is just next-level. So, why don’t you dress like a walking Valentine’s Day advertisement? Grab a pink and red hearts sweater vest and a pink skirt, and grab a red cropped cardigan just in case it gets chilly. Plus, if you’re used to wearing heels, you can go for a pair of pink Mary Jane platforms over red socks. Complete the outfit with pearl accessories and a pink leather purse.

Are you ready for Harry Styles’ Love On Tour? Let us know in the comments section below!

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