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Piercing 101: Styles, Procedure, and Aftercare

Piercing 101: Styles, Procedure, and Aftercare

Ear piercing is a form of body modification or a puncture by a needle for wearing jewelry. Earlobe, by far, is the most common body piercing for all genders. This has evolved through the years, styling earrings with different combinations – developed fashionable, artistic, and unique patterns.

Piercing 101: Styles, Procedure, and Aftercare


Located in the tiniest fold of cartilage in a person’s ear, above the ear canal, or the spine of the helix. Usually executed with a straight hollow needle and commonly takes six to nine months for the healing process. Informally speaking, faith piercings can be a form of migraine treatment for sufferers – though it has no scientific shreds of evidence, anecdotal proof stated that Daith piercings can really perform acupuncture therapy.


Located in the center part of the ear, you’ve got two options, which can be inner or outer.

  • Inner conch – parallel to the ‘daith’
  • Outer conch – closer to the anti-helix

These depend on the anatomy of a person’s ear, depend on the room of the higher or lower fol of the ear. Conch usually takes two to four months to heal.


The little flap of cartilage on the side of your face that covers your ear canal

Adrian Castillo – a piercer at Los Angeles

Located in the small area of the cartilage that covers the ear opening, and takes four to six months to heal.

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One of the unique inner-ear piercings. Located above the tragus and daith, goes through the uppermost ridge in an ear. It takes six to eight months to heal.


One of the widely popular piercing styles. Any piercing made to the upper cartilage of the ear. Upper cartilage has more room for earrings allowing the helix to have different kinds to create multiple patterns:

  • forward helix
  • backward helix
  • double helix
  • triple helix

Expect a healing time of three to six months.

Piercing Aftercare

  • Clean twice a day with saline solution
  • Avoid sleeping in the area and wearing earbuds
  • Do not twist the earring
  • Use clean pillows
  • Use unscented antibacterial soaps
  • Avoid swimming while the piercing is healing
  • Excessive rubbing or touching may delay healing

Dress up and let those earrings make your OOTDs more sparkly. Pierce it, work it!

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