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Punk Rock Bands You Should Listen To

Punk Rock Bands You Should Listen To

There are a ton of other Punk Rock bands under the sun. But sadly, not a lot of folks these days give them a listen. Lucky for us, this list features some of those amazing artists.

Make sure your hair is in flipping condition because you’ll surely whip it back and forth (Willow style) right after going through this Punk Rock list.

Blink-182 is a Punk Rock classic, they embody the punk scene from the 1990s to the present. They are the type of Punk Rock that relies heavily on their music rather than the aesthetic appeal of the genre.

Rise Against

Who says Punk Rock should always be loud and obnoxious? Rise Against sure does not! This particular song of them shows the genre is not always edgy and loud, it can be soft and comforting too.


Anti-Flag is very much like the type of people who dress scarily but are actually sweet and nice guys within. Their blaring music with shouted lyrics can often be intimidating to listeners, but behind all that, the message of their songs is very profound.

New Found Glory

If you want to take a break from the excessive loudness of Punk Rock, you can rest your ears to the soothing music of New Found Glory. This band’s frontman (Jordan Pundik) has a very distinct style of singing that does not include screaming at the top of his lungs. (Sometimes those types of songs can be quite challenging to sing along to!)

See Also

Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio started in 2001 so it’s probably as old as you are! This band still performs live shows 2 decades in, even their frontman (Matt Skiba) is now a part of a different Punk Rock band Blink-182.

But that is a completely different story that is not so Punk Rock to discuss right now. How many of these bands will you add to your playlist? What band do you think we should shed light on next? Tell us, we’d love to know!

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