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Why is All Time Low an All-Time Band?

Why is All Time Low an All-Time Band?

All together let us shout, Mom, it was never a phase, it’s a lifestyle! Raise those hands and bang those heads if you are a certified pop-punk fan. There is nothing more than a distorted electric guitar, fast drumming, and of course, a catchy chorus. The feeling of being in a concert with people that share the same music taste as yours will always be ecstatic. Today, you are in for a treat, because the famous All Time Low will prove to you why they are an All-Time Band.

Songs That Make All Time Low an All-Time Band

Photo source: All Time Low | Facebook

Dear Maria Count Me In

Coming in hot is the classic cough introduction. Dear Maria Count Me In became the anthem of every pop-punk and scene kid. With its energetic lyrics and catchy chorus, anyone who listens to this song will surely bop their head instantly. Currently, RIAA acknowledges this song as a certified 2x Platinum. The views of the song on Youtube are nearly 71 million and still counting. On top of that, Dear Maria Count Me In is based on a real person.


An acoustic song never disappears on a pop-punk album. Therapy is based on their 3rd studio album Nothing Personal released in 2009. The lyrics contain a message that every listener can relate to, especially when they are miserable. One could tell that the band does not only perform, but they also connect to the fans.

“It’s about every kid’s nightmare when people are telling you that you need to get help but all you really want is a hug.”

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Alex Gasgarth, vocalist


This song relates to every teenager who feels sick being trapped in a negative space. Teenagers who worry everyone will forget as they move on with their own lives. Thus, they want to get out of this situation.


A song featuring a rapper (Blackbear), is something very unusual to a pop-punk song. However, not only did the band nail the production, but the rap gives a new spice to the whole song. The band’s single Monster hails as the Alternative Song Of The Year at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 22.

What exactly are you waiting for? Dive now into the world of pop-punk and get ready to rock on!

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