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“Everyday Carry” Tech Items You Need In The City

“Everyday Carry” Tech Items You Need In The City

Everyday carry tech items

Have you ever heard of the term “everyday carry”? I’m sure you’re aware of this if you follow YouTubers who post the items they carry in their bags all the time. That’s everyday carry, the items that you can absolutely not leave home without.

Everyday carry or EDC items are absolute necessities, they are the items that we believe make our day-to-day life comfortable. For the uninitiated, here are some tech items that you might fancy adding to your EDC! starting with the most common ones.

“Everyday Carry” Tech Items You Need In The City

A wireless everyday carry item we all need

Are you part of the wireless gang yet? If not, then take this as a sign to switch to wireless earbuds and abandon the traditional wired earphones. You can save it for gaming for the lowest latency possible. If you tried having wireless earbuds as part of your everyday carry, then you know how much convenience brings.

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Not having cables tangled in your bag or getting caught on random items as you walk or get up from your seat remains a blessing. You have tons of options when choosing wireless earbuds. Apple has Airpods, Samsung has the Galaxy Buds, and Google recently released their Pixel Buds Pro.

A must-have everyday carry item for power users

You may or may not agree that this still remains a necessity given the huge battery capacities available in modern smartphones today. However, if you consider yourself to be a power user, then trust us when we say you need a power bank.

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Navigation, photography, gaming, video streaming, and social media, are just a few of the activities we go through in our smartphone throughout the day. Having a power bank as part of your everyday carry is assurance that your phone lasts through the day.

The tech EDC combo for the travelling tech nerd

You can’t have a power bank and not have charging cables right? If you’re travelling long hours through the city, you should always carry charging cables with you. A good braided Type-C cable or Lightning cable should be in your everyday carry.

Meanwhile, if a power bank doesn’t appeal to you, then travel friendly wall chargers should be in your everyday carry instead. Carrying a charger doesn’t have to be a pain. Lucky for you, there’s a ton of options, some you can even use for multiple devices at the same time.

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Fast charging capable wall chargers are now available in small, travel-friendly sizes. Despite the size, some are capable of 60 watts fast charging and higher. Good enough for your phone and laptop, so it’s a “one charger for all” situation for you!

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The everyday carry item that you’ll inevitably need

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When thinking of everyday carry, you can’t not have a microfiber cloth with you. There will always come a time in a day when you need to wipe down your phone screen or your camera lens, and that’s when a microfiber cloth will come in handy.

Compared to using a tissue or your shirt that may leave particles and scratch your screen or lenses, a microfiber cloth will get your device cleaned without harm.

Your aide in organizing your everyday carry

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Worried where to put the items we’ve listed so far? easy, use a tech pouch. Instead of dumping them all in your bag, keep your tech items organized, or else we will judge you!

Kidding aside, you’ll need a tech pouch to organize cables and other tiny tech items in your everyday carry. Otherwise, your bag might as well be a dark bottomless pit.

Keeping your EDC items germ-free

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If you haven’t heard of UV sterilizer cases, then congrats. Now that you know they exist, it’s a good idea to include it in your everyday carry. Especially if germs scare you.

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Having a UV sterilization case is a good thing to have if wiping your phone down with a microfiber towel is not enough. You can also use this for other items that you carry, like your glasses for example.

Never lose your everyday carry items again with item trackers

Item trackers just make life easier in general. Think about it, you won’t have to spend the next half hour wondering where you left your keys only to find it at some random spot in your house.

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Probably the most famous item tracker is the Apple AirTag, but you can find alternatives. There are cheaper options you can find online, so definitely add this to your everyday carry!

Love taking photos? take this with you in your everyday carry!

If you’re really passionate about taking photos, then your smartphone camera probably won’t suffice. You need a compact travel camera in your everyday carry.

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Compact cameras combine the advanced features of a camera with portability. This way, you get to take amazing photos without having to lug around all the camera equipment you typically use!

There’s a whole host of options for you when choosing the right compact camera. So, make sure to pick the right one with the perfect ergonomics, autofocus, stabilization, and image quality for you.

These are just a few tech items that you can add to your everyday carry. At the end of the day, you decide what goes with you in your bag whenever you go out to conquer the day. When travelling through the city, you might find yourself commuting or walking most of the time.

So, make sure your everyday carry gives you more comfort and convenience rather than being a pain to travel around with.

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