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ISCP: Bringing Filipino Humor to a New Level

ISCP: Bringing Filipino Humor to a New Level

ISCP or International State College of the Philippines is a one-of-a-kind school that creates noise on social media because of Filipino’s adoration for it. The university offers a unique and engaging program with celebrity professors. They have a hymn that came from a well-known song, and they provide free transportation to students! However, people will only be able to experience this if the school truly exists.

Photo | ISCP

ISCP as a New Entertainment Source

The International State College of the Philippines is a popular Facebook meme page that offers viewers humorous content bringing it to a new level. This satirical university tricked people with its authentic-looking page nailing its pub mats and layout. Moreover, the university designates its fictional students as ISCPANIANS. The clever concepts immediately gained attention as young Filipinos find them funny and entertaining.

Photo | ISCP

Comical Content

As a page that aims to cater to the entertainment needs of Filipinos, it linked its content to the latest Filipino meme trend. Despite the ISCP page trying to look like a legitimate school, they make it a comical version of other existing university pages.

ISCP Fake Enrollment and Examination Result

A school needs a student, the reason why they announced the opening of enrollment even as far as posting a number of unreadable pictures of the so-called passers of the said exam. Filipinos, being humorous as they are, played along with the gimmick joking that they passed the examination. Some have tagged their friends and others have expressed their ISCPANIAN pride.


Offering Unusual Program

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the ISCP humor peaked the moment they began showing off some of the programs the satirical school offers to their students. The clever usage of past, well-known memes to match each program gained the attention of the public. People are so entertained by the humorous courses that they joke about which program they want to enroll in.

Photo | ISCP

Celebrity and Influencer Professors

The best school only deserves the best professors, and ISCP offers just that! They appointed celebrities, influencers, or television characters who they deemed are perfectly suited for the role of educators for the different programs. A Filipino celebrity, Kim Atienza, was named Dean of the College of Communication!

“This is a scam. I am not in any way connected to this university if ever there is one. Be careful FB fam,”

Kim Atienza
Photo | ISCP

Although, Kim Atienza deleted it after discovering that the University and its post were all for entertainment purposes. He later created a new post saying,

“Kelan face to face, I want to meet my students”

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In addition, because ISCP became the talk of social media, other Filipino personalities also joined the trend!

Humor in a New Level

Filipinos are known for being cheerful because they always find ways to smile and make others smile. Also, as a country (Philippines) that loves to use social media, Filipinos spend most of their time scrolling on their phone to post entertaining videos, photos, and content. With that, the university meme page became popular not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit, and other social networking platforms.

Social Media
Photo | ISC

Who would have thought that creating ISCP would become a well-known and new source of entertainment? It simply proves that Filipinos think outside the box! They are intelligent and have the best sense of humor.

Who knows, you might be the next president of ISCP!

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