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Your playlist from Virgo K-pop idols

Your playlist from Virgo K-pop idols

Virgo babies, it’s your time! The season of Virgo which is from August 23 to September 22 leads us to feel motivated at school or work (or we hope so). But do you know what’s the true deal? It’s a season of talented music artists, especially on the K-pop scene!

In line with our manifestations, listen to these songs from Virgo K-pop idols that will make you attuned with yourself. See the list below

1. Make it count by CHEN of EXO

One of the main vocalists of EXO, CHEN reminds us this Virgo season to cherish all moments and make it count! CHEN is always in demand when it comes to singing official soundtracks (OST) of Korean dramas. Likewise, in this song, Make it count is an OST for rom-com K-drama, Touch Your Heart (2019).

2. Second by HYO of Girls’ Generation feat. BIBI

Don’t speed up things because you are allowed to take a breath even for a second. HYO or known as Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation advises us to not deprive ourselves of breaks, through her song, Second. Seems fitting in this Virgo season as people may be prone to getting overworked.

3. Euphoria by Jung Kook of BTS

Have you already found your euphoria this Virgo season? Well, Jung Kook has as he brought this masterpiece and iconic song, Euphoria. The main vocalist of BTS confirmed in his song that young love and new beginnings feel like a dream but can really happen in reality. There’s room for love if you make space this season.

4. moonchild by RM of BTS

If you are in the midst of personal hardships, hold on and you can also find comfort in the darkness like a moonchild. RM, the leader of BTS dedicates moonchild to people who struggle with their personal problems. This is a reminder in Virgo season also to hold on because you will find the light within yourselves like a moon.

5. Hello by JOY of Red Velvet

JOY of Red Velvet does really bring joy in her song, Hello. She tells that every day is a new beginning. Thus, in this season of Virgo, warmly welcome the days and do things that make you happy without any regrets and hesitation. You always have a new chance to restart on a new day.

6. LOVE COUNTDOWN by NAYEON of TWICE feat. Wonstein

The lead vocalist of TWICE, Nayeon, frankly gives a love countdown if you want to be her lover. The Love Countdown is a perfect jam about romance in this Virgo season, especially for Virgo themselves. The earth sign tends to be slow in romance, thus, this song tells you to not overthink it when your heart says it’s right.

7. far away by Mark Tuan of GOT7

Mark Tuan of GOT7 is a real embodiment of Virgo in his song far away. He tells a story of a broken relationship that cannot be mended again. If you are a Virgo, then you may be a good communicator in a relationship and a forgiving one. However, you never forget, like in the song that tells how giving second chances is the limit.

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8. DIVE by Jinyoung of GOT7

Seems like Virgo people tend to have songs about not being hesitant about taking a step in romance when they are cautious themselves in it. Jinyoung of GOT7 says to you to dive into a pool of love because someone will catch you. This Virgo season, you don’t need to be practical when it comes to love. Go with the wave and dive.

9. Any Song by ZICO of Block B

Virgo people, you are up to any song for you have a wide variety of music tastes. ZICO of Block B got your back because he literally created a song entitled Any song. In this season, play this song if you want to be energized and be able to dance to upbeat music. Remember, you can always have your fun and you deserve it.

10. Bon voyage by YooA of OH MY GIRL

YooA wishes you to have a good journey on your trip away from reality. She tells in Bon voyage how she wakes up in an unfamiliar place, yet she can freely do whatever she wants there. This may be a good reminder for you in this Virgo season that you don’t need to be harsh on yourself. You can have your freedom, it is your right.

A song can be powerful when it relays a message to the listeners. As we continue to embark on the Virgo season, focus and practicality come with but are not limited when you deserve to prioritize yourself, too. Add these songs to your playlist now!

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