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Use happy memories to light up your spaces with Vivid Lamps!

Use happy memories to light up your spaces with Vivid Lamps!

Almost seven months in, we still continue to look for coping mechanisms in this quarantine, including hopping in on a home or room improvement project. What better way to appease yourself than beautifying your current surroundings, right?
For now, all we have are past memories since we cannot go out yet and make new ones. Sisters Janica and Pamela Barrios founded Vivid Lamps to bring to life the good times we’ve previously had to remind us to keep going.
Vivid Lamps understands love. We immortalize vivid memories by imprinting it into a lamp. Our process of personalization requires the nitty and gritty details to create the perfect intimate gift for your loved ones, even for yourself.”
They officially launched this year when it started gaining attraction and queries from friends of friends.
What these two do is turn your photos into a cute and functional lamp that you can use not just to spruce up your spaces but also spread good vibes too.
Each is made with precision and the customers’ preference in mind.
“We started getting more customers during quarantine, it’s such a cute way to keep the special people in your life close to you. We make sure to collaborate with our customers in making the best design that fits them.”
Vivid Lamps has taken a compelling way of personalization that’s tedious and simplified to easy and actually fun by personally interacting with their customers.
“We’ve heard amazing love stories and insights, which make us even more excited to create our designs for them!”
These sisters believe that love is shown in wanting the best for the people in your life.
Vivid Lamps make sure we hear every tweak and suggestion to tell their love stories through the lamp.”
Ready to share your own story? Make it an official part of your home by purchasing a personalized lamp via their Instagram page.
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