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Tools you need to prepare to modify your mechanical keyboard

Tools you need to prepare to modify your mechanical keyboard

Good workstation setup has been the reason why some of us are inspired to work or study. Depending on one’s preference, setups could vary from minimalist to an extreme gamer setups. Some would prefer an ergonomic chair with desklamps photocards, and plants while others would go handpicked their CPU, monitors, and keyboards. Others meticulously handpicked everything aiming to portray their personalities. One accessory that is usually present in every setup is the mechanical keyboard.

Modding a keyboard may seem a simple hobby to others. But for enthusiasts, upgrading the delicate parts of the keyboard is a grueling task. It is actually an expensive hobby because every upgrade on some parts becomes quite heavy on the pocket. Although it is a meticulous task to do, it becomes rewarding when you have achieved the typing feel and sound profile that you want.

Modding involves proper lubing of switches, adding foam inside the case of the keyboard, and filming. However, there is a list of things to keep in mind that you need to prepare. The right tools are the key to successfully pulling it off.

Keycap puller/ Switch puller

It is an essential tool in cleaning and repairing mechanical keyboards. This is cheap and convenient. All you need to do is to attach the keycap and grip it side-by-side underneath the base. Then you can gently pull upward to remove the keycaps.

Painter’s Tape

Putting layers of tape on the back of a keyboard’s PCB improves the sound profile. It can make the keyboard sound louder or more silent, depending on the mod. The painter’s tape is the most preferred because it does not leave a sticky residue behind that does the job neatly.

EVA/ Silicone Foam

It is a thin foam put between PCB and plate to reflect the sound back to you. The EVA has efficient sound-dampening qualities that give a smoother and more luxurious typing experience. It can dampen the noise, reduce vibrations, and improve the overall feel while typing.

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Lube and brush

Lubing the switch makes all the difference. It is important to have a lube that fits your switches. Low oil viscosity is an ideal lubricant for tactile and click switches. While you can use any paintbrushes to apply the lube, it is also essential to consider a brush that gives comfort, control, and reduces and fatigue. Because lubing the switches takes too much time especially when you are just a beginner.


You will definitely be needing a flat head or hex screwdriver to take apart the switch, depending on your keyboard. Investing in screwdriver tool sets saves a lot of money because they can be used for a long time.

Even the smallest mods can make a huge difference to your typing experience. Try to start leveling up your setups and start with modding your mechanical keyboards. It is worth the try and you might just realize that you have found your new hobby because of how rewarding it is.

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