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The art of winging it when things go unplanned

The art of winging it when things go unplanned

You could be going about your day. Then, something completely unplanned happens to you. The big worry comes when you feel like you’re fully equipped to handle the situation. There is something frustrating when no one else can seem to do the job other than you. Maybe you’re not the only one there. Refusing the task seems to be a burden. So, winging it seems to become the only solution. Then, that’s what you do.

The art of winging it when things go unplanned

Winging it and why we do it.

When we pertain to winging it, it means that you plan on doing something with little to no practice. It’s like being called front and center to dance to a song. You have no backup choreography, you’re really not much of a dancer, and everyone is just waiting for you. There must be something you could do, anything.

So, you just wing it.

This happens in school more likely than you think. There are students who are given a surprise quiz. No studying, just relying on stock knowledge and a little bit of common sense. Sometimes, it even happens during presentations and recitations. 

Things can suddenly happen to you without any warning. It could be an on-the-spot interview, a relative visiting so you have to whip up something, or maybe a random competition. We’re not always going to be prepared in life but we just can’t exactly back out so easily. 

The outcome of winging it

Winging it can go two ways. It could have an epic outcome where you can’t believe that your luck and determination got you through. It’s like getting a 90 on a 100-item exam. Or maybe winning a competition you didn’t plan on joining but got so invested while competing. 

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Winging it can also turn out to be a disaster. You’re not prepared, you have no idea what you’re doing. You could mess up and it might end up being humiliating. No one wants to remember something like that when you’re just having a normal day.

When things go unplanned

There’s an art to winging it when things go unplanned. As uninteresting as it sounds, it’s just nerves and the act of pushing through it. You’re up on stage or maybe you’re doing something completely out of your comfort zone. You just want to get through it even though you don’t really know what you’re doing. 

It could also be the unconcerned energy you might have. You’ve been through a lot of unplanned things and you’ve survived all of them. What’s one more?

So, just wing it. 

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