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TECNO Mobile Launches Its New #StopAtNothing Campaign

TECNO Mobile Launches Its New #StopAtNothing Campaign

Premium smartphone and AIoT devices brand, TECNO Mobile, focuses on becoming the most admired stylish smartphone brand

They do so among the passionate young-at-heart consumers in emerging markets across the globe.

With this ambition underpinning its strategy, TECNO has launched a new brand communication campaign of #StopAtNothing, championing progressive consumers that are “young at heart.”

All consumers are welcome to share their #stopatnothing stories at TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook, and show the world their progressive attitude while inspiring others to never stop pursuing excellence.

Consumers who share their stories stand the chance to win amazing gifts.

Turning obstacles to opportunities

TECNO’s #StopAtNothing brand positioning represents its recognition of progress.

Plus, they represent every individual’s motivation to search for excellence.

Specifically, they represent the youth generation who are admirably resilient in the face of adversity.

They continue to push society forward through their individual actions and their optimism.

In addition, their ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, and ultimately build a better future for themselves and others. 

Inspiring consumer stories

The campaign has started to receive many heartfelt and inspiring consumer stories since its launch day, for instance —

Kate Riola, content creator and visual storyteller:

“The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the phrase ‘Stop At Nothing’ is determination. By staying determined, and refusing to buckle when faced with roadblocks and challenges on my path towards achieving a goal, I know I can make it all the way to the end, and finish strong. This is true for huge goals and life dreams like pursuing my passion projects, and finally building my own brand. It also applies to little wins, like a new collaboration or even just making it through a rough day. It may not happen overnight, but I’m excited about achieving excellence in everything that I do. Knowing that I have to be better and do better each time really keeps me on my toes.”

Arvin Lucas, freelance photographer and filmmaker:

“I started getting into photography when I was younger, at a time when using a smartphone to take pictures wasn’t popular yet, and you really needed a camera to be able to shoot. Back then, a smartphone was all I had, and I couldn’t afford to invest in equipment. Of course, being a goal-getter, I didn’t let that stand in my way. I was determined to stop at nothing to achieve my dream of becoming a photographer, so for a few years, I used my phone to take pictures that tell stories. Over time, I developed my own style, and found my niche. Passion was what brought me to this career, but determination has been my driver, allowing me to persist in the face of difficulties, until I finally achieved success.”

Mae Rosaire, young fashion designer:

“I believe that everyone has that stop-at-nothing potential, and once they tap into it, they can achieve anything that they set their minds to achieve. When I started believing that nothing is impossible, and practically removed the word from my vocabulary, I realized that there really is no level of greatness that I can’t reach, just as long as I stop at nothing to achieve it.”

Looking for progress

Danni Xu, CMO of TECNO said,

“At the heart of TECNO, it’s really about progressing with our consumers and carving a path where there isn’t one. It is not only about success, it is about having the self-motivation to do more and realize more. We encourage consumers to never stop challenging the social norms to realize their dreams, especially in today’s digital era that offers a world of possibilities to be discovered. Stop At Nothing represents the values and attitude we embrace, and cements our total commitment to supporting our consumers to constantly look for progress.” 

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TECNO helps its Filipino consumers stop at nothing, with its soon-to-launch smartphone that features an anti-shake function, CAMON 18 Premier.

Camon 18 is a movie master.

With this series, TECNO makes it possible for everyone to experience mobile technological innovations.

These improve the way they work, learn, play, and live, at a fraction of the price offered by other brands.

Global market innovators

With this latest offering, TECNO Mobile stays true in committing to bringing innovation to global emerging markets.

They do so as the premium smartphone brand for all. 

Be sure to stay updated on all the latest promos when you like and follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook.

Visit their official website to learn more about your favorite TECNO Mobile smartphones and gadgets.

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