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#TargetLock: Best Filipino Fiesta Cuisines

#TargetLock: Best Filipino Fiesta Cuisines

Fiesta is a very significant celebration for every Filipinos. It also mirrors our culture and traditions in celebrating harvest season, thanksgiving or festivity for our religious patrons in every barrio. Lots of events, dances and other festive games are done during fiesta. But what’s more exciting are the food prepared by each household for their visitors. Knowing how hospitable Filipinos are, you can never resist yourself not to try this #TargetLock dishes!

Best Filipino Fiesta Cuisine

Lumpia. On top of the list is the most common #TargetLock staple food in every Filipino celebration. Lumpiang Shanghai or Filipino spring roll is indeed a favorite because of its crispiness and savourful filling inside. There are different kinds of lumpia today. However, the classic ground beef with vegetables such as carrots is still the best. 

Kaldereta. This tomato-based stew made with either pork or beef is another #TargetLock dish not just in Fiesta but in many celebrations as well. Although it requires lots of time and effort when it comes into preparation, this dish is very suitable for the crowd. Additionally, Kaldereta is very delicious most especially if it is partnered with rice.

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Leche Flan. You can never end your meal without trying any sweets in every fiesta celebration. As the top dessert in the Philippines, Leche Flan is indeed a #TargetLock for everyone! With its very sweet and creamy texture, you can never resist yourself from tasting it. Leche Flan doesn’t require too much of your time in terms of its preparation. Also, its long-shelf life makes it so favorable for many to which some prefer having their take-outs at home.

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Fried Chicken. You can never miss seeing fried chicken served in the table at every barrio fiesta. This dish is a top favorite most especially of children, so it’s a #TargetLock for sure! Filipinos also love fried chicken mainly because of its crispy-crunch combination. It has also been a comfort food to some with its mouth-watering appearance. This dish is also on the list of common take-out staple food.

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Lechon. This popular dish has a very special place in every Filipinos heart that’s why this is a #TargetLock for almost every celebration. Its savory aroma, perfectly crispy skin and tender meat makes it the crowd’s favorite. Lechon would never be perfect without its tasty sauce or “sarsa”. What’s good about lechon is the fact that leftovers can be used for other staple dishes such as lechon paksiw, lechon kawali, sisig, and many more. However, always remember to eat moderately!

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Food makes us so happy, most especially if it’s for many. Eating out with your friends and loved ones have been one of our favorite bonding. Lots of memories and stories can be cherish with a food in front of you. Over time, Filipino food have really shape how we live. It even built a unique relationship of Filipinos with one other.

Do you have other #TargetLock Fiesta dishes in mind? Share it with me through the comment box below!

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