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Fiesta in a Box: Solenn and Nico’s hilarious cook-off

Fiesta in a Box: Solenn and Nico’s hilarious cook-off

Here it comes, netizens! Another cook-off show from our favorite married couple, Solenn and Nico Bolzico. Known for their fumy pranks to each other, the couple appeared again in the world of YouTube. In an episode of the Fiesta in a Box series, the celebrity couple was asked to make piaya, a sweet unleavened flatbread from Bacolod. Hosted by Erwan Heussaff together with Chef JP Anglo and the viral home cook turned content creator Ninong Ry.

FEATR | Nico and Solenn

Fiesta in a Box: Solenn and Nico’s hilarious cook-off

The chaotic couple throw banters at each other even if the cook-off doesn’t even start yet. Solenn then asked her husband.

“Hello? Have you ever won anything against me?”

However, the bullied husband club founder Nico didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge with his wife. After opening their box of ingredients for piaya, Nico, then, asked what flaky means? Since Nico’s second language is English, Erwan had to explain it very well. When Chef JP explained it as something like a croissant, he decided to do it as is. 

“My piaya will look like a croissant. That’s what JP wants and that’s what JP gets.”

After explaining how to make piaya, the couple started the cook-off. The task is to make piaya in an hour. The couple started to follow the chef’s instructions such as making the dough, filling, frying the piaya, and have it plated.

Who won the cook-off?

Solenn, at the very beginning, already knew what a piaya looks like. Nico, on the other hand, doesn’t have any clue about it. Who do you think won this Fiesta in a Box challenge? For the last five minutes of the challenge, the couple became more chaotic as Nico almost burns his piaya while Solenn had a difficult time with a cheese grater. As time runs out, the couple serves their masterpiece for the judges to decide with the best piaya.

Solenn, then, explained her piaya:

“I made a piaya from muscovado sugar, and I want to enhance the flavor and kind of remove the sweetness. So, I added grated dalandan just to give it a more tangy feel and drizzled a little bit of coconut jam.”

For Nico’s version of piaya, he explained that he wants to have diversity on it since it comes from Bacolod wherein he describes it as colorful:

“The first one, it’s a bit burnt because that burn has also taste. The second one is a bit less cooked and it’s not broken, so it’s like a classic piaya one with cheese and chocolate and coconut syrup.” 

As the panel of judges started to taste the food and carefully deliberation, the judges announced the winner of the challenge. A unanimous vote for Nico’s colorful play. Chef JP then revealed that Nico’s version of piaya is somewhat “interesting” and “new.” Meanwhile, Ninong Ry likes the sweet-salty combination. For Erwan, he describes it as a roller coaster kind of taste. The Bullied Husband’s Club founder thanked the judges for their decision. He states that it’s a special day for him since he won the challenge.

Watch the hilarious cook-off of Solenn and Nico here.

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