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Reasons why I think Nana Silayro is follow-worthy

Reasons why I think Nana Silayro is follow-worthy

Nana Silayro is a content creator on TikTok, and as of this writing, she has garnered more than 4 million followers and 143 million likes. Also, if you frequently use TikTok, the chances are you’ve already encountered one of her videos on your For You Page or FYP

Furthermore, Nana is among the funniest content creators you might see on the platform. She has a natural sense of humor as she makes clips while making silly and whacky faces and blabs out random rants and stories. Also, what people appreciate about Nana is that they can relate to her. In addition, through her TikTok videos, she inspires others and shares the values of compassion, confidence, and self-love.

If she is not new to you, you could already be aware of her popularity. If otherwise, allow me to explain why I think she is a follow-worthy.

Here are the proofs why I think Nana Silayro is a follow-worthy.

Nana serves you dose of good vibes.

Nana possesses an innate beauty that is there even when she makes hilarious facial expressions. The contagiousness of her levity and hilarity in her contents and short videos will surely bring you a good laugh. Indeed for her viewers and followers, she is a dose of good vibes.

She is all for body positivity.

Most of Nana’s content is about woman empowerment, body positivity, and self-love. It is also noticeable in her videos that she always flaunts her morena skin, textures, and body shape, which she is undeniably proud of. Thus, she exudes an infectious, addicting confidence that adds to the charm of her pure and genuine personality. In addition, she never fails to remind viewers to value their appearance and to be proud of their features.

She speaks her mind.

Nana doesn’t just sit back but speaks her mind and calls people out when needed. In this TikTok video that she posted on August 5, she encourages TikTok users to avoid making content about locking a child in a room with a terrifying filter. As an early childhood educator, she begs and explains that it would traumatize children.

To sum up, watching her TikTok videos will not only keep you entertained. It will also inspire and teach you life lessons through her stories and experiences.

Do you have any other thoughts why you think Nana Silayro is a follow-worthy, or otherwise? Let us know what you think!

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