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Overrated or Underrated? Philippine Tourist Destination Edition

Overrated or Underrated? Philippine Tourist Destination Edition

Known as a tropical archipelago, the Philippines actually has 7,641 islands and only 2,000 of these are inhabited. Therefore it’s no surprise that the Philippines is a hotspot tourist destination when it comes to island hopping and overall nature adventure.

The Philippines offers breathtaking scenery for locals and tourists alike. However, sometimes, the beauty it possesses is a double edge sword. When too many people start to flock to such virgin paradises, those places are in dire need of protection.

Here are some tourist destinations in the Philippines that I would rate whether they are overrated or simply underrated.


Photo Credit | exploreSHAW Australia

Everyone knows this, consciously or unconsciously, the Boracay we have today is now simply OVERRATED. Boracay may have been one of the nicest islands in the world just a few years back, however, it’s no longer what it’s used to.

Overcrowded and overpopulated. Instead of enjoying the pristine beach, you’ll drown first with the endless stalls dangerously close to the seashore.

If you’re looking for a relaxing long holiday vacation, no, Boracay is not for you. Unless you’re fine suffering the congested swarm of people. No doubt Boracay is beautiful, but it is also stressful. Don’t be part of the problem and look for better alternatives. Boracay needs to heal.


Aerial Photo of San Juanico Bridge by Jesson Argabio Jez

When talking about beaches and islands, it’s always either Boracay, Palawan, or Cebu. But why haven’t most people appreciated the beauty of Leyte? It’s an UNDERRATED paradise that offers the same scenery as the major tourist destinations. Except, less crowd, more nature. Home to white powdery sand and clear turquoise waters, Leyte is a must-visit tropical escape.

Ever heard of the longest bridge in the Philippines? That’s also part of Leyte’s charm! Not only beaches but hot springs and national parks are places to visit in Leyte. If you can write Boracay to your bucket list, what’s stopping you from doing the same for Leyte?  


Photo Credit | Kristine Salvador (Pinterest)

Am I biased since this is a province close to my heart? Well, kind of. But my love for this province can be justified by its serene beauty that can calm my heart. The tourist destinations in Quezon Province are severely UNDERRATED! There are too many unexplored paradises that are only waiting to be discovered!

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There’s no need for a plane ride from the heart of the country to get to Quezon province. With a few hours of road trip, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the splendor of the province. If you’re looking for a deep culture enthrallment, Quezon will offer you churches, shrines, farms, mountains, mangrove forests, coral reefs, and island after island.


Best Things To Do in Manila at Night photo by Eugenio Pastoral via Unsplash.

OVERRATED. Overpopulated with people and pollution. Manila is not an ideal tourist destination for people looking to relax from stress. Manila will give you baggage of stress as souvenirs should you dare make it your destination.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Manila. I was leaving in Manila before the pandemic put everything to a halt. There’s no denying that it’s a wonderful city, but definitely not a city of dreams.

There are so many places that tourists can enjoy while in Manila. However, the endless traffic and infinite crowd of people will take away the joy of an adventurer. There are so many cities in the Philippines that will offer tourists what Manila can provide, less pollution, people, and stress.  

There’s so much more to the Philippines than just tourist destinations. Albeit a shitty education system and questionable political viewpoints, the Filipino people are what makes the Philippines worth the visit.

Filipinos are known as the most hospitable in all of Asia and rank 8th all over the world. If the destinations aren’t on par with your expectations, you’ll get your refund with the kindness that locals offer to tourists.

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