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5 Korean Legal Dramas That Might Inspire You to Pursue a Career in the Field of Law

5 Korean Legal Dramas That Might Inspire You to Pursue a Career in the Field of Law

Do you plan to attend law school after graduation? Or do you enjoy courtroom drama and legal procedures? Many people are drawn to the legal profession to help or make the world a better place. They like the challenge of uncovering loopholes in the Law that will potentially save someone’s life. Count me among them. I plan to study Law and, hopefully, practice it in the future. And you might be interested in pursuing a career in Law as well!

Every time I watch a legal series, my desire to pursue a profession in Law grows stronger. And Korean legal drama is an all-time fave! However, Korean legal dramas do not always accurately portray the profession, but they are wonderful for displaying all of the different disciplines you can work in. Hence, if you are also considering a career in law, we have compiled a list of some popular Korean legal dramas that may serve as inspiration.

5 Korean legal dramas that might inspire you to pursue a career in law!

Law School


The first part of Law School is a slice-of-life drama about the daily activities of law students. In terms of how real-life law students approach their coursework (including reading case law and acting out mock trials), it is very relatable. However, a murder case at their school added a lot of drama. Everyone is a possible suspect and identifying the killer has become the primary focus. They got to use their legal knowledge to get to the bottom of things and find out what was really going on.

In addition, the drama serves as an excellent teaching tool, displaying the meaning and proper application of Law and the reality of the field. You’ll feel like you belong among the Law students because of their dogged pursuit of the truth.

Juvenile Justice


Juvenile Justice occurs in present-day Korea, where the juvenile act is fully functional. Under the Juvenile Justice Act, minors who commit crimes are usually not subject to harsh penalties. Just a heads up! This legal drama is not for the fainthearted, as it covers some heavy subjects in its cases.

Furthermore, Juvenile Justice successfully handles many cases, some of which are highly personal and harsh. It is not afraid to face the nasty, filthy sides of crime. So, if you’re interested in how juvenile law works and horrible cases, this courtroom drama may hold your attention from beginning to end.

Miss Hammurabi


The drama depicts the trials and tribulations experienced by judges in the course of their work. Throughout the story, the protagonists demonstrate that they, too, adhere to juridical principles. Park Cha O Reum, a rookie judge, adheres to the “an eye for an eye” principle, while Im Ba Reun, a man of principle, has made “Court that is equal to all” his guiding principle

This legal drama depicts a number of societal issues. Discrimination, sexism, harassment, and power abuse in the workplace are some of the issues presented. And the judges must determine how to address these issues in court and how to put solutions into practice within their own offices.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo


This Korean legal drama is not your typical courtroom drama. This follows a bright determined lawyer with autism spectrum syndrome. And while working in a top Korean law firm, she faces prejudice and discrimination against her, but she solves cases with her unique perspective and grows as a lawyer despite her condition.

The legal drama focuses on compelling cases. But it is not just a lawyer defending a client in court; there’s also a good dose of humor to lighten up the otherwise serious subject matter.

Doctor Lawyer

Photo┃MBC TV

If you enjoy legal and medical dramas, Doctor Lawyer is for you. The courtroom drama revolves around a surgeon who becomes a lawyer following a case of surgical malpractice and then returns five years later as a medical malpractice lawyer to take vengeance. The show expertly leveraged its medical and legal themes to capture the attention of viewers. This drama sets the stage for an unexpectedly gripping portrayal of corruption within a capitalist healthcare system.

Excellent writing and careful inclusion of realistic legal details make Korean legal dramas compelling viewing for anybody interested in the judicial system. True to that, many courtroom dramas, including those mentioned above, fueled my desire to become a lawyer. So, if you want to be a lawyer or enjoy courtroom dramas, you should absolutely watch these Korean legal dramas, which cover every aspect of the profession in great detail!

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